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Nice! Looking forward to seeing them. :D

Got these this morning. Thank you! :D

Hey, this looks good! :) Definitely the style of clothing I'm after for the early adventures of my heroes. Thank you! It will be a fortnight before I can get this (bills to pay), but I will get this. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your range. LOVE your attention to detail. Cheers! :D

Oh wow! That is excellent news. I look forward to them all! Many thanks. :D

Thank you again. This is great! :D

It's like I've woken up and it's Christmas Day. Thank you! :D

Brilliant! Thank you so much. :D

Thrilled with all these. Thank you!

So grateful for these. Thank you! :D

I can't thank you enough for these. You've made my week! :D

I started off ages ago with VX Ace, then got MV (was so excited by that), and now I have MZ (LOVE it!). Yet only now found this page and all these lovely goodies. Serious thanks to all of you! You've made my week! Cheers. :D

Wow, this is great! Thank you so much! :D

Just found this! Thank you! :D

I certainly do! I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come out with. :D

Is there any chance you might add plain clothing (like plain shirts or tunics) for the poorer heroes to begin their quest with? And/or maybe long dresses or robes for female characters or the non-armor-wearing? Obviously don't go there if it's not something that appeals to you to do, but that is a pack I would buy in a heartbeat. Plain clothing seems to be sorely lacking, and my heroes start out as poor villagers.

Thank you for all you've done. I can see a lot of time and effort, and clearly a love for it, has gone into your work. It's why I'm a fan.

Cheers! :)

Love these! Great attention to detail. Love your weapon packs too - bought the bundle. Thank you so much. Cheers! :)