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Looks promising.

Lastly...Why shrimps?

Well Whatever your writing if its you the story will come out fantastic your early works can attest to that!

It is working heck i wont likely forget ''Sweetest monster''Anytime soon and if you ever do write another story with a guys point of view i'll be robbing a bank just to read it Haha.

You should check it out,You should really check it out...You'll really like the MC you wont find anyone like him i guarantee and maybe...Just maybe you might find some inspiration there..

Now Thank you very much for taking time to reply to my comment sincerest gratitude to you dear Author-Tan.

Too Bad For Me That Most Of Your Novels Are Centered On Female POV's As I Am A Guy and really like self-inserting myself Heh cant help being drawn in. Are You Perhaps Familiar With The Anime ''My Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected''?

I Have No Words To Say But Thank You,It Was Fantastic I Have Red A Lot Of Visual Novels But This...Now This Really Left Me With A Lasting Impression,A Scar If You May...

The Artstyle Was Hauntingly Beautiful Accompanied By The Music Was Quite Somber, Alien? Alluring? It Just Fits Perfectly Its As If I The Reader Am Helplessly Drowning In It

The Characters Felt Real...Too Real That It Achieved That Creepy Vibe As The Story Progressed,Poor Melody...Suffered Such A Tragic Fate.

Unlike The Others The Interactions Felt Natural,Everything Had A Reason,The Flirtation and uhm Well The Monologues And Such Weren't Painful To Read And Mostly No Matter How Short It Is(For Me Since Im A Very VERY Voracious Reader)It Didn't Feel Rushed It Felt Natural And Smooth.

The Ending...Got Absolutely Mindfucked And Really Hated Myself After That But Hey! I Got Some Sense Of Foreboding But It Was Too Late For Me Too Even Realize It Was Really Refreshing Though Others Might Deem It Disturbing I Think Nothing Of The Sort Fiction Is Fiction If People Cant Understand That They Should Sod Off Somewhere Far Away Censoring Art Is A Crime This In Particular Is A Work Of Art Truly Refreshing And Groundbreaking I'd Put It In The Same Place As "Katawa Shojou'' And "Yume Miru Kusuri"

And Lastly....I Really Like Hearing The Rain.

I Dont See Anything That Would Deduct Any Points So A Perfect 10 For me!

Please Do Continue Making Your Work And I Hope You Dont Change If not For The Better Shrimp Princess...Why Shrimps?