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KThnxBai!! Lol kidding. Seriously tho, thanx a lot both of you. I appreciate it. Wotb keep up the good work dude. Can't wait to read all the glorious stuff I'm sure you've got planned for us in the future. Btw I was wondering, when you do eventually finish this thing, (No rush, of course) think you'll consider puttin it up for sale on Steam? I mean I know not now, obviously, cuz it's not finished. But when it is done. Just curious

Hi Wotb. Me again. I was wondering, I got this a while ago for my android. I don't have a lot of XP with digital games in general so I was wondering, when you add new stuff will the game update without me having to do anything or is there more files I'll need to download or how does this work?

So I was wondering, Is this game close to being complete and is there any chance we'll see it on Steam one day?

So I'm NOT gonna be able to play the whole game?!? Maybe I misread somethin but I thought the whole reason I paid 5 bucks was for the full game! Now I'm sad

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Hi! Great read so far! Jun is too freakin adorable! Was just curious there a planned date for this to be entirely finished? I have a really hard time fully getting into unfinished things. You can thank the Fox channel for that....Sooooo many good shows that've been cancelled and left me wanting. I kind of make it a point not to get invested in anything unfinished cuz of that but I REALLY wanna keep reading this! How close is it to being done?!? Not trying to rush you or anything. Was just curious if you had a planned date or if you were just takin it day by day😉

It's cool. Not like I broke the bank gettin it lol. Maybe I can figure it out later. Maybe in the future, don't advertise somethin for android if you don't know how to make it work on android. I was excited to read it too. Darn lol

K so I have Google Chrome installed, found the html file and held it, and a white page with the title pops up, aaaannnd that's it. Doesn't even  open chrome as far as I can tell. And nothing else happens

would there be a html address I need to type in? I already unzipped and extracted the files,just not sure how to get from that to opening it in a browser.

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Hi, I just bought this and I'm having issues. I'm on android and I have NO IDEA where to even begin. Haaalp!!! I got 2 other games and they just had me dl apk files from which I installed them and then just deleted the apk file. A bit more complicated with this one...