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hugging my own dear cat Daphne and vowing to literally never open a window again.

find and click on the words you think the passenger would find pleasant or comforting

"Today, I'm Harvesting You! 2" when?

feared for my life, pissed, shitted, puked, died, cried myself to sleep, began hallucinating, became paranoid, simped for a clock.

10/10, would recommend.

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got all endings :D that was... neat.

edit: . . . i did not have all the endings. 

This is lovely, whoever finds my letters, I truly hope they bring you joy. - Evan

that was amazing. truly. the art? gorgeous. the atmosphere? amazing. the story? a work of art. i thoroughly enjoyed playing this, though my sister is a bit freaked out by my giggling

FOUND IT! it's E

this is so cute, i was reminded of my partner and now im just, sitting, thinking about them,


Iyo is so cute and sweet, i found this funny tho

Iyo: "any last words?"

MC: "I love you :c"

Iyo: "Rest in pieces!"

uh oh, there's multiple? im struggling to not die-

woah, very spooky :D

legit 👀👀

this was so sweet, i feel better now, thank you.

spooky, no update :0

*cutely develops crush in the voice*

im so so so so sorry i tried so hard they were so slow and there were a few casualties.. i fed them so muchhhhh

that was an amazing twist that I actually didn't see coming, the art is really nice, and *wow* the sudden atmosphere shift, *chef's kiss* perfection.

"using your mouse is not recommended" *uses mouse almost the whole game*

man. there are always people who love you.

im not crying your are


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this is such a nice game! im a bit confused tho

oh nah same

awhhhhh how sweet

i love her :c

that was fun :,D

well, everything but the ending was, but D:

same man

ooooo i found some interesting images of Dr. D. Light, what are these nightmare images? did i just miss them in the game?

uh as far as I know, there are no settings, WASD to move around, and E to interact with anything that has an eye or other icon over it. for example, right as you get out of bed, if you turn around you should see a picture in a frame, look at it and click E when an eye appears, and more information on the item should appear on the top of your screen. I hope you have fun! tell me if you need any more help.

i had 8 :D

that wasn't cute D:

such a sweet child...

totally, its hard and painful, and i think its that way for a reason, but i think only certain words help, like calmness, rest, sleep, walking, puppies, the positive words

go away SCP-087-1 im trying to explore >:c

um, bro? it was for a PS1 game jam, that's not good graphics, 

you spelled your name wrong then

agreed 😩