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feared for my life, pissed, shitted, puked, died, cried myself to sleep, began hallucinating, became paranoid, simped for a clock.

10/10, would recommend.

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got all endings :D that was... neat.

edit: . . . i did not have all the endings. 

This is lovely, whoever finds my letters, I truly hope they bring you joy. - Evan

that was amazing. truly. the art? gorgeous. the atmosphere? amazing. the story? a work of art. i thoroughly enjoyed playing this, though my sister is a bit freaked out by my giggling

FOUND IT! it's E

this is so cute, i was reminded of my partner and now im just, sitting, thinking about them,


Iyo is so cute and sweet, i found this funny tho

Iyo: "any last words?"

MC: "I love you :c"

Iyo: "Rest in pieces!"

uh oh, there's multiple? im struggling to not die-

woah, very spooky :D

legit 👀👀

this was so sweet, i feel better now, thank you.

spooky, no update :0

*cutely develops crush in the voice*

im so so so so sorry i tried so hard they were so slow and there were a few casualties.. i fed them so muchhhhh

that was an amazing twist that I actually didn't see coming, the art is really nice, and *wow* the sudden atmosphere shift, *chef's kiss* perfection.

"using your mouse is not recommended" *uses mouse almost the whole game*

man. there are always people who love you.

im not crying your are


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this is such a nice game! im a bit confused tho

oh nah same

awhhhhh how sweet

i love her :c

that was fun :,D

well, everything but the ending was, but D:

same man

ooooo i found some interesting images of Dr. D. Light, what are these nightmare images? did i just miss them in the game?

uh as far as I know, there are no settings, WASD to move around, and E to interact with anything that has an eye or other icon over it. for example, right as you get out of bed, if you turn around you should see a picture in a frame, look at it and click E when an eye appears, and more information on the item should appear on the top of your screen. I hope you have fun! tell me if you need any more help.

i had 8 :D

that wasn't cute D:

such a sweet child...

totally, its hard and painful, and i think its that way for a reason, but i think only certain words help, like calmness, rest, sleep, walking, puppies, the positive words

go away SCP-087-1 im trying to explore >:c

um, bro? it was for a PS1 game jam, that's not good graphics, 

you spelled your name wrong then

agreed 😩

I despise my teacher with a burning passion

a couple days late, but if you still need help, i can try!  what do you mean?

i definitely did not cry at all