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Thanks for the answer :)

do you have an offical release date yet? 

is omega a secret ro?

I downloaded it again and now it's working :)

could someone please help me with this problem?

I've tried to install the game but everytime i try it says " cannot read property build of undefined". I don't get what the problem is..

when you say, date a monster do you mean like literally or just like a metafore ?

How do you know me so Well...

having the same problem :(

Will there be a monster lover option?

hello dear! Do you see those three dots after the ” Haunting of Killoch/ the catalyst” text? Klick on them and you’ll get the save button 

This looks promising:)

What Are the poly routes?

Thank you for replying :)

Can you see which are the poly routes?

so I’m playing this game on the phone and I really don’t know How to save my gameplay, There are save files But they don’t work when you close the game

Does anyone know a more effective way to save?

I love that there is poly in This game and the art style is very pretty! Thank you so much! 🥰

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Is there any dateable characters? cause I wanted to see if you could date Rune :)

And if you can date anyone how does the dating system work? 

I can't even wait for this! Your games are amazing! I just started superstision

This was hilarious :)

Alright Thank you! 

This game looks really promising and It got polyamory?! I might just buy this game right now! 

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I just started reading this story but I wonder where the "Save" button is

I bought this game yesterday and I imidiatley fell inlove with it! the art style is gorgeous and the characters are all amazing in their own unique way. Also I love the fact that you can choose the three diffrent routes in the beginning  for your character!

Thank you Lunarisgames! :)