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This is an interesting conundrum  I have found in games vs the AI at least . That AT's as fast and long ranged as Bombers will tend to totally replace sea transports. Over the long haul they just get more guys there quicker. 

I've tried making some stuff less expensive. Like I can justify AA being cheaper since it does not perform the additional important Recon roll of aircraft. But I swear once the AI runs into a few AA it just stops sending aircraft. Like for the rest of the game. Your idea of having engineers build stuff is interesting. 

Figured out my problem on my earlier edits I remembered to save the DB before exiting. Forgot that after my city edits everything working fine now. Thanks

Oh Yes and I did save and exit and the thing told me changes to City saved.

OK I'm not getting something here. Tried editing the values in the Prod/Const tab nothing then tried it again and pressed  add Production still nothing changed when I open the game. Thanks for your time

I’m sure somebody has run a thread like this before but since I do see some people viewing and not much discussion I figured I’d just throw it out.

What Units do you actually use in your games? As a corollary it is probably a good idea to describe the game type you normally play.

I like small fast games 50 North South by 65 East West, East West wrap 4 computer opponents everybody set to default reduction and combat. Everybody starts with 2 cities. There are 50 cities and Victory is 75% city occupation.

The result is I’m generally getting bombed straight out the gate. Which leads me to believe A) The computer always build Aircraft 1st or B) On the default settings the computer is still cheating:^).  The temptation then is to build some AA right away which always ends in early abysmal defeat.

So what do I build? Infantry until I have a few wandering around then switch one city to Fighter. If it winds up being a 2 city island I’m screwed and start over. 3 city island switch 1 city on and off building fighters and bombers the other two Infantry and Transport. Then really I have got a lot of trouble justifying building anything besides those 4 things for the rest of the game with the exception of starting an early cruiser build, on a large island sometimes before the Transport. The computer seems to build exactly the same stuff except Destroyers instead of the Cruisers which sometimes can be embarrassing Transport wise. But they usually can be dealt with by aircraft operating alone or with a cruiser.

Sometimes I get side tracked into building other stuff when I get a specialist city with a high production level. It’s like those things are so cheap they got to be good for something. Almost always I wind up wishing I had built Infantry, fighters, Bombers or cruisers instead.

So what kind of games do you play and what kind of units do you wind up using?


Thanks very easy once I knew where to look!

I just started playing around with the unit editor in the old deluxe edition.  Figured out how to change the speed combat strength and range of units. The only other thing I realy want to change is how long it takes to produce some units and I'm not finding it in the manual. Which of course does not mean I am not looking right at it. Can it be done? How?


Ok found the part in the manual thanks

This is great Air Transports have been driving me nuts they are as expensive as transports but don't give you much.  Has anybody written a good tutorial for the unit editor? It has me stumped.  I can not even figure out how to load the unit stats to edit them.