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I find finding the name a little too hard. maybe give us options to pick from. I know NOTHING about the sea so the hints help none at all for people like me.

So this game is super fun so far. My only complaint is as far as i can tell there is no fast forward button and that kinda sucks. but it is cute and relaxing and all the fun facts is so cool!

Last Wood community · Created a new topic I am confused

So like.... their page is updated but i checked and my game is at the lastest update and it looks nothing like their game page now... it is still the glitchy one were they cant kill the shark for me

I see... you might wanna add where to put it into your tutorial 

Creative concept. Nice graphics. Just sadly not my kind of game im to slow in my actions. But people who enjoy this kind of game will surely love it

Nice game but there are some issues like i dont have a way to get to stone at level 1 so i end up in a dead end and when i restarted the game it kept me in the same no stone location.

Okay super fun. Super cute. Run very well. I love it

I like the game and im sure the finished product will be wonderful. I do have a few small problems. 1) to much repair! every 2 seconds i need to repare something. its annoying. Students are throwing parties every day.  2) the unlocking system through leases are confusing. Ill have enough corn to buy but it wont even give it as an option. 3)i had to turn on sound before i could get sound

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I dont know how to find any of that out. I am on the itch dowlaoder/browser thingy. i hit download. It downloads. it doesnt launch

Cute concept but your camara controls ruin the game. I cant see whats around me. changing angles so i can takes forever. also the way you did your tutorial text was annoying but the camara is the big issue

Doesnt load...

I loved it. It's cute. Its fun. it have a nice art style. I cant wait to see it develop more. 

So it was fun and cute. I have my whole little farm and animal thing updated to the max.

The music not always being there was weird. Looping it may be best.

the getting things from the well once a day was annoying.

The only have night time once ever 6 days was weird aslo your night time is brighter then day which was.... an interesting choice

Overall its cute and sweet but it does need a little work and i would love to see what the future holds for our sweet little red head main charater.