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I've cried over fictional characters three times this weekend, so pardon the emotional vulnerability. This game was exactly what I needed. My grandma died just over 3 years ago and she drank coffee all the time and made pickled beets and spent time with me in the backyard and made sure to have my favorite food on hand. She was my home, and this was such a beautiful legacy to the ways in which one person can hold space for and care for a number of souls. I've never dabbled in visual novels before, but you folks have definitely converted me. Thank you so much. 

I experienced some really sudden and tragic family loss 2.5 years ago, and this is actually so chillingly similar to the onslaught of messages I got from distant family members and acquaintances (thankfully no reporters). Exceptionally well done.

Really enjoyed the game; great art style, creepy looking plants (in the best way). The only thing I would ask is either different kissing noises (less wet) or having the option to turn down the sound effects for those who don't like wet sounds. Thanks for your work! 

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Really enjoying it so far- can only get to the outfit phase with the Occupational Therapist (I think her name is Stella?) Any time I click on one and try to get to the next stage an error message shows up. Look forward to the finished game! 

This game was so beautiful; I would compare it to being in a music video or an immersive theatre experience. It reminded me so much of grieving my grandmother, that I shed a few tears. Thank you. 

9/10 Absolutely adored this game! The music and lighting and character revisiting reminded me of NITW. I especially love the art style.