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Haha, that's very kind. It was made as a birthday gift for my girlfriend so it probably doesn't make much sense to anyone else. But thank you for kind words and for checking it out! Perhaps I will make more in future, for the community (if there is still one!).

I'm fairly new to Bitsy, so although I enjoy making them and playing various different ones, I was never part of the community nor witnesses. I'm surprised to hear the Discord was closed if it had such a thriving community. Does anyone know why it shut down?

So cute.

You really did do a good job, should be proud

Genuinely interesting. The absurd plot is fun and creative. What I found interesting was the ludonarrative! It was annoying to pick up all the needles, getting pricked and reading Ouch, but annoying and repetition is probably what the character would have felt. The repetition of the action isn't boring though, it's executed nicely so as not to bore the player. All around, very fun, good ludonarrative.

Clever use of the prompts.

Amazing! Did you draw the sculptures yourself?!

Did not expect the loop

Neat idea and well-executed. Very relaxing and the haikus were a treat.

Very pretty, and a sweet idea. The visualisation of Kaku's poem works perfectly. Well done.

I purchased your Modern Interiors a while ago, and I got so excited when I saw this. You do outstanding work. Merry Christmas, LimeZu.

I had no idea you could use bitsy on your phone. This changes everything. Very cool.

Very cool climax

aw, cute, reminds me of summer rains

very cute!

very intriguing world - it feels like a play, can't quite put my finger of who it reminds me of: a bit of Beckett?

I'm in awe.

Haunting, and excellently executed. The music, pacing, the poem, everything was spot on. I can't wait to share this with friends. 

Charming and celestial. A very endearing idea and I'm so glad I came across this.

I loved it. One of the most touching Bitsy's I've played so far. Thanks for the good work.

The narrowing of the path as we confront our own responsibility in our actions is a nice touch.I enjoyed it, thanks for the good work.

You're amazing. Thank so much for your work. Everyday I see new updates my mind is blown by what you produce for such a cheap price.

You blow my mind every time. This is so cool. Please give yourself  rest, you've done amazing!

Obviously not much to say, but I still found it interesting. I couldn't get out of the first room, and I assume that's all there was to it. Still, as this was only a prototype and a test, I should say that I think it's something worthwhile to pursue. The general vibe did fit quite nicely (the music, the dialogue, the irrationality). I could imagine this being a small fragment in a larger project. Well done :)