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I had the opportunity to be the first beta tester of the game. And I enjoyed it ! It means that I played the full version of the game (not only the demo). It took me most of 20 hours to gets all CG and all the endings, because there are a lot of interesting choice and possible routes to try.

I mostly liked the scenario which is leading the game as a strong element. It happens a lot of things in this adventure thriller. There is some nice ambiances and strong emotions. Some nice sounds really helps in this purpose.

About characters now:

- Some actions made by the player are critical, and the other people remember it to you and don't react the same if you did a choice instead an other. It's really appreciable

- I thought that the child would be boring, because I don't like children irl, but, finally this character was not annoying and even cute sometime.

- I'm a guy, so I was not specially interested to achieve the romance with Matt... But you can finish the game without being in love with him because the story is enough interesting in itself.

Finally, I would to say to persons who thinks that the graphics are a bit lower than in some other visual novels : yes, the art is not the really best part of the game, but play it for the story ! Art is good enough to support efficiently the story. It’s the most important in my opinion.

Don't forget that Letigame is not a big studio, it's an indie developer, and all the game was done by a single one person ! Encourage her with downloads and play the game, don't hesitate to send smart critics, and be sure that the next game will be even better thanks to you :)

Try it, it's free, there is nothing to lost. You will enjoy it ;)