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The Good: It's free. 

The Bad: cheaters hack game like crazy (auto aim, best weapons etc), can't play solo because everyone teams up because they are terrible at the game, the play mechanics are pretty silly ie shooting someone while backing up means you move slower but even if you hit them it does not slow them down and they punch you to death even though you're shooting them with a Mac-10 / shotgun.

I've been watching this game for a couple months now and while there are updates and additions, none of them address the critical issues outlined above and until they do there is no point in putting much effort into this game.

I like how you did this video, you have good feedback on the design elements.  My game is still in development but you can play through the first few levels on my page now if you'd like to have a look.  I'm afraid that graphically it can not compare, at all, to this magnificent spectacle right here but gameplay wise it does ok.

The people that try to team up in solo mode ruin the game.  If anyone tries to team up with me in solo I will drop everything else going on to hunt them down.  That should be the rule imo.  Cheaters die first so anyone left can enjoy the game.

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