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I've updated the graphics card and it runs well. It's a great piece of software, my 9 year old loves it. It's great for creating beautiful inspiring scenes and the music is great too. Great calming software for anyone old or young.

Does not work for me. Tried 3 different browsers

used it for approx a year, but now crashes all the time on Ubuntu 22.04 . I haven't changed my system, just the usual updates.

It crashes no matter what resolution etc I choose - it loads up to 100% then crashes. I downloaded it again but made no difference.

I love playing this

This is a great game!!

The Firepro V3900 graphics card runs it fine .

I too would like to know. I have Ubuntu with a Firepro V3900 graphics card, will this be good enough?

I have Ubuntu 20.04 with a Radeon 5450 GPU.
I get the configuration window and then the screen with the menus (Bouyancy, Vorticity, etc) but nothing happening. I tried a few settings.

This didn't work for me on Ubuntu 20.04
Just a grey screen and mouse pointer. Anything I can do?