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Even though I set the graphics to "Very Low" while it's in pre-launch state, it doesn't change the graphics

If this game could have a saving feature it could be amazing!

The game is amazing! There is only one thing that is needed for this game, and it's saving

Oh my god does anyone knows how to use the app and why every user that doesn't know to use it comes to THIS game xD

The game is broken and not even opening ._.


Tough Islands community · Created a new topic No Guide

The link to the guide wants "Opera" for opening it... I don't use Opera so I can't find the recipes too

Can you make a version for 32bits?

Did it been v1.0? When I downloaded it first time I always get 1000 resources and items

Game isn't working. There is every data exported but it says something is missing

I can't even setup the game it isn't working ;-;

I think it is because of the game :|

Raft community · Created a new topic SO. MUCH. LAG

This game lags so much, how can I fix it?

Raft community · Created a new topic Lag

It's lags so much, so I hated it :|