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The full package is now available for download and play

This issue has been fixed


Download package has been updated. Game should be fully playable now

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We are aware that the exe file doesn't work. If you'd still like to try our game you can find a link to the complete package above

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My only major feedback is that my instincts are all wrong for the throwing mechanic. I kept wanting to hit the left mouse button to throw instead of releasing the throw button. I do like how you can just drop the magnet though with a single button. Opening the doors by throwing the magnet up into the pipes struck me as a bit of an odd choice as well. Using the interact button would have been more intuitive I'd think. Overall though it was a nice clean demo and I didn't have any major issues with the gameplay. Well done


You could add some animated arrows to show that the mouse wheel is moving up and down, and then have a speaker symbol increase in volume as the arrow goes up, and then decrease again once it goes down

Took a bit to understand the mechanics. A short tutorial would be helpful. Didn't realize at first that I could shoot at the enemies

What is the mouse icon that keeps coming up supposed to signify? Is it just illustrating that you use the mouse to look?

I like the idea but the cables often get stuck at the bottom of the screen where you can't reach them, and there's no way to reset the game. Wasn't initially clear that you need to release the button to stick the cables in the sockets

Targeting is a bit finicky at times, and camera doesn't give the best view when at the top of the map but still fun. Really dig the aesthetic

Really sharp puzzle game. Great job on this. You do a great job of explaining the mechanics to the player through the puzzles themselves

So quite a few of the games didn't get published in time. Does anyone know how to get ahold of the other teams, or know where the other games can be found?