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Does the application support eye-tracking? Experiencing it with a VR headset and eye-tracking to control the focal point could make the it appear even more natural than it does already.
Congratulation to this beautiful walking experience!

Sorry to hear that. The game originally was designed as a non-VR application. You can try it without you Oculus if you like. ITERUM non-VR

However, I'll let you know if I could reproduce and fix the issue :-)

It's not working with Vive controllers right now.  I mean it should not because nobody implemented it - so it would be a coincident :D
You can use a Keyboard instead of a gamepad. VR with keyboard? - strange but yes!

Run with WASD and turn with the arrow keys. You can see the controls in the Options menu.

Sorry to hear that. I Just doublechecked both provided version - they should work fine.
Could you please tell me on which type of machine you are running it (CPU, GPU, ...).

32-bit version online

Okay, you will get it soon :-)