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Nm.  Restarted the game and wood appeared.  Don't know if its relevant but first time I answered the wizard what are you doing here, second time I answered trapped. and wood was available :-D

cute stuff, so far.  I am curious, am i supposed to be able to do more than the intro?  I've wandered the woods but the kobold leader, mushroom guard, and wizard seem to be placeholders who just talk. and for the life of me I can't find any wizard wood unless I'm missing somethign obvious :-D  

Still the opening scene and characters are awesome and maybe that was the whole point of the demo! :-D gj

Oh thank goodness  I was already picking the order of my boys to go through in the after dark and when it vanished I was hitting that refresh so hard hoping my web internet was out or something..

I must be drinking the wrong amount, I can't quite get to the hookup >_>  I teetoled it and went home.  I lushed it and blured out.  now I'm randomly changing my amounts of drink to make it work.  I WILL find the sweet spot >_>

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Got Finn to the daaaaaaaayte and the looooove hotel.....such a serious shark :-D.

A few more notes. First update to the Rowan thingy, tried a few more tests still seems a bit random on Winter seeds as well?

I'm not 100% sure the Rowan skill is not working?  Is it perhaps dependent ONLY on when the seed is sewn or harvested perhaps?  Like if he sows the seeds anyone can harvest them at bonus quality?  Or if he harvests them it doesn't matter who sows the seeds?  I might just be doing the wrong half the few times I tested and got randomness.  Or it might be some seeds may only ever produce one star quality no matter what?

Also this may be a more serious issue? I bought the final upgrade for the ranch to level A.  I produced one of each Milk/Wool/Eggs (In that order Left to right)

I upgraded the first one (milk) from level 1 to level 2.  Instantly the Wool also upgraded to level 2 and the eggs to level 3.  

I think the level B ranch made the dorms and rest area lv 2 automatically and similar shenanigans happened at the C-level but I wasn't paying as much attention as the set up so didn't want to report, so I carefully noted the set up and how it went down on the A-level.

Haven't tried to reset the game and repeat the bug yet.  But my lower tier buildings were all lv 2 when the A level was purchased and this went down.  (I think one of the B-tier may have been tier 3 actually but I never bought it so, it just was lv 3.)

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Your work is awesome as usual. A few extra things.

additional notes.  I've noticed no increase in fall crops quality when Rowan is tending them? (The cow with the experienced botanist trait)  I've yet to test Rowan on crops in any other season.  EDIT: Correction Beans did not get the upgrade stat, but onions did.

On that note, I don't know if this is deliberate but Moo (the cow with reduced stamina consumption) seems to consume a regular stamina amount when working the farm?  That may not be a bug, the stamina skill may not be intended to reduce anything other than milk consumption, but with the wording as it is I figured I'd report it since the wording doesn't imply just milking stamina is reduced.  I have not yet hired another reduced stamina employee this month yet, to test if all use normal stamina gardening.  

Also year 1 cooking contest.  THIS may not be a bug but is it not winnable?  I had max cooking skill this try through but when I tried the difficult dish it told me I didn't have enough skill?  Then when I insisted (cause I had max skill cooking) I failed?  That might be intentional though :-D

Also I've noticed that finishing conversations with Finn in the Clothing store teleports you to the town square?  Day 3, Spring year 1 I fnished convo with finn and appeared in town shop.  Same thing after handing chocolates and convo on Day 7, Spring year 1?  Perhaps because finn is often in the town square, and the coding for ending conversation is just bumping there instead of checking his current locale? or he is being moved to the clothing store on days the game expects him to be in the town square? :-D

First OMG Finn route.  I got the email this route was released as I was packing for an all weekend trip.  I HAD TO WAIT four days to play it *tears.*

Anywho early heads up.  Grizz is appearing in Spring afternoon in his workshop where he can be talked to.  But he is also appearing in the forest.  (The map is not indicating he is in the forest, and he is not selectable there, but His figure is standing there on the left side.)  Noticed Spring 3, year 1.  Tested again still present Spring 4, year 1. 

My Sharky BF  wooohooo.  This emotionally touchy redhead and officer doggo and grizz are the best!  been so excited for this!! :-D

EVEN MORE with Crevan.  Oh you are too too too good to us ^_^

I love him so

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Love the new update.  All the new stuff is awesome. 

the only thing I can't seem to unlock is the new patches Crev Scene.  I have seen him jerking off by the pillar, I've gotten the comic book thank you blow job.  But I'm dying to get to the new third anal scene?  Am I just completely goofballs.  I've tried to talk to him on every side quest...

Time to get my sunburned butt tossed over that fine shoulder ^_^

Oh My favorite sharky beau.  soon you (and eventually the teddy bear and the pajama wearing pup will be mine) and my happipness and farm husbando sets will be complete. :-D

In the meantime I'll go play bara island to ease my eagerness!

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omg this...the whole torulf route where he (possible spoilers stop reading new players here)

Has to call someone or cancel something before you can crash at his place. (unless that was an old version and am misremembering) had me assuming he was canceling a planned hook up with lake to let you crash >_>

oh my Finn!  <3

Also great work on the upcomign demo :-D

Woohoo!  Can't Wait! ^_^

it was winter year 1, ‘tips for motivating employees’ poster. I was about to ask the same but I wanted to see all the festivals so rushed to winter before they were waiting too long to be upgraded ^_^

no worries everything you do is awesome and it’s not like you need More when your output is so good. I just figured it was your one Unconquered horizon since you have gone after all the great BL stuff. Interactive foreplay.  Fully reversible Cgs of couples. voiced ooh la la scenes. And Technically you did animate those chibis so you’ve at least dabbled in it all then! What an achiever ^_~  and I’m sure your haato was awesome (I gotta go check that out actually ttyl!…) 

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first, I love the beta. I Keep chipping away at it. One small suggestion.

The interaction in the ranch needs some streamlining? Maybe either have the worn out employees auto drop from production facilities!  And either auto assign unused employees to the sleep room or maybe have a visible on the main ranch screen box that shows all the still unassigned employees. Sometimes I miss a few. 

Lastly far be it for me to offer you MORE ways to take my money. But if this game offers post games paid dlc after the fact like your other awesome work….. I’d kill ( or pay $$$) for a sex scene with one or both of your gangster chicken employees >_> hell we don’t even have to be part of it. They can bang each other. >_>. Even if they didn’t get a rivalry Bonus as a ranch owner  id make them work together in the hopes they’d hate bang each other. Also a dlc with West the simple country cowboy cow. >_> grants this is after I work my way though Finn and my doggo. Grizz. Klein, And the cranky Kitty in regular play  mind you. ^_^ ( actually now that I think about it Klein might not be an in game option. I forget. If he isn’t I’d dlc him too in a heartbeat!)

did you not have enough of my money with the other two games?!?! >_>

brute. Monster. Tempter. Tease. Fine take even more. 💰 

I am curious  will there be animation in this one?  NOT that it needs it was just curious since  I feel like it’s the only BL challenge you haven’t used yet and wondered if you were gonna ace it too one day ^_^

Wonderful Update Happy Holidays and hopefully a better new year!

Oh thank goodness I was so afraid I missed something and didn't want to start over.  I couldn't make it TWO rounds of not punching Envy's brother in the nose >_>

I'm wondering if this is a bug.  My Hellphone doesn't really do anything but settings, save, and load?  I've gotten through two sins, I thought I might use it to access the gallery or take photos or text gluttony (I miss him sniffle)  and make sure poor Envy's family isn't driving him insane. >_>

Did I miss something at the start, is the rest of the phone just for show, or is the phone something you get later in the game or as some sort of NG+ or epilogue thing?  

That question aside, I also wanted to say this game is awesome, I love it so far! And to have voice acted the entire thing. so great!

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now the question we get genitally accurate double dick shark boy  Finn cause I know who the votes will be going for >_>

Also Excellent job on this latest patch this is so well done for a Beta so far, your doing great!

I repeat the sentiments from my previous post....Imma marry that deer >_>

I need that Deer, and all the cats. >_>  

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OMG so glad I finally tried this.  So awesome. ^_^

Halfway through the intro, and even before I was staring at those Rune photos, all, Imma bang that deer >_>

Then halfway through actually meeting Rune, I'm all "change of plans Imma marry that deer."

Though after that moment....(Spoiler moment so I put the comment here on one of the chapter updates rather than the main page...assuming people here at least got past day one....but still don't read below if you haven't followed Klaus in the woods ^_^)

I had one final addendum...after meeting the scary ass thing by the creep tastic tree. I had to add on, (I might bang the wolf-panther-monster first...then marry the deer... or Devon.....he's a sweetheart......>_>)

Anywho this is awesome ^_^

And honestly after playing all the routes the only thing I can say for sure is...I need someone to make ME a cup of tea >_>......

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I already feel so guilty  Either I want Dom from Axel, or I his best swim team friend, or I want his dad.  No matter what, I'm taking from poor Alex and he will not forgive >_>   but you are right his mom is a whole level up. I'll go back to pining after Dom and sharkboy sniffle.  I already done Axel dirty enough the way my computer keeps spellchecking his name to "alex" v_v.

mild spoiler:

I may have to set aside my torch for Dom, cause after seeing Alex's dad....daaaaaamn. 

So I've found two underwear on the ground that don't seem to refresh their memories.  

The first is after Zachs lv 2 affinity there is mention of the briefs being in the library you can sniff to review the (SPOILER) Garret being plowed in the library.  I can see the underwear in the library on certain times of the day but when I click them nothing happens and I don't see the flashbacks I get sniffing clicking other underwear laying out around town.

On that Note, this might be nothing but in WhiteRain the second section at night a pair of underwear appear on one of the trees?  I have everyone maxed affinity except the last stage for the twins, so I don't know if I'm missing something or if this is just a decoration underwear that appears at night, or if it is supposed to do something when clicked and it wont for me like the library underoos?

All that aside this game is awesome. :-D

Such wonderful work you've been up to! :-D

anyone besides me hoping sharkboy Finn has more in common with sharks than teeth and gills? :-p

Let's hope the double "n" is the only thing double about finn, know who my first romance goal is gonna be >_>.


Is there a way to change/upgrade my purchase?  I clicked on the first button without realizing the second tier to buying gave beta access?  I'd gladly give the difference in cost to upgrade from pre-order to beta if that was an option?!