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Was this ever released somewhere?

Using the feeling of getting sandwiched by ghosts in pac-man to capture the anxiety of avoiding people who don't seem to give a shit during a pandemic is honestly fucking brilliant.  Gorgeous art too.

Wonderful work.  I was one of those English Ed students who was lucky enough to panic-switch majors far too late into school.  I was so afraid of teaching permanently forcing me in the closet and making my anxiety explode.

Needless to say, my experience is different from yours, but with that bit of overlap and the fact that I'm staring into uncertainty myself...this is a comfort.  I'm glad you're doing better, and I hope you continue to move forward and get closer to the life you deserve.

Done for a 2 week jam?  I need to spend my time better..

Really really wonderful!!  I would suggest drugs and alcohol TWs though, that caught me off guard and was kinda uncomfortable.

I chose Burnt Bridge Redemption, and I'm a little disappointed in myself.  That's the least challenging option, the one that would prompt the smallest amount of conversation and certainly not an argument.  I could justify it and say that I chose the one most suited to my dad, but I think I'm just a coward.

That was so cute and sweet,,, you did a wonderful job