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Thanks. I'll look into what Unity is using (probably SDL). Just thought it was odd that I couldn't actually SEE the data stream anywhere I'd normally look. I figured it had to be evdev, but nada.

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Turnigy Evolution controller works fine as well. Tested in Win7/10 and Ubuntu/Mint 14.x/18.x

Same here. Would be nice to know what library the game is using to manage the joystick. Evdev? SDL?

Been thinking about this for a few days as I notice that when I set calibration via /dev/input/js0, the calibration and the mappings are not observed in FPVF.

Actually, on that note, why do I have to re-calibrate every time I run the game? Seems like it assumes I'm mode3 or something until I do calibration every time. Is there no saving calibration yet?

Oh, right, but .. I'm still not positive, but I think it's not switching to mode 4 properly, so I had to fool it during calibration. I sorta suspect this is purely a firmware issue that no one's noticed simply because no one flies mode 4.

Maybe someone else can chime in.

Just wanted to chime in to confirm that the new Turnigy Evolution controller works mint with zero setup under Linux. One of the roomies will test with Windows tonight.

Running Mint 17.2. No setup required.