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like, how do you start the game? The arrow keys doesn't work. The space key doesn't work. The classic "z" or "x" key doesn't work. Tell me you need a controller, otherwise how do you even start it.

I have a bit of confusion, but here is an question that is irrelevant: Is this pack ok for the godot engine? Can we join the jam and make the game in godot? Cause I like godot.

we using this let's go

I wonder why do zip files extend when extracted? Ok now ik.

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Hey epiK gamers. How are you doing! Ok nice? Anyways the page shows, "required controllers", correct, KINDA. You added mouse and keyboard support. IDK if you are gonna remove it or not. And where easter egg, the page's tab's title has a pic, that pic is the easter egg? Cause that picture suspiciously looks wrong. Is it you in a costume or something? Ok nvm I didn't play the game yet, until then see the gaaaaaaaaamers laaaaaaaater. Edit: I used the snipping tool and found out I was wrong, sorry for the inconvenience by an idiot like me.

web web web web web web web web web web web

When you don't have the pfp: I matching most of the "bois" atleast! Seriously: very addicting and fun, raging too.


You know it.

Cool.....I didn't play the game yet so idk

Really extreme. 60 minutes and the result? I don't know. Very cool.

Very cool and I like the pixel art. Cooler than most platformers. Well looped. In what software is this made in?

I would definitely like to create something like this.

How to turn off sound.

How do you write letters? The instructions in the program is unclear. So pls help me.

Oh? You have a custom engine? That was a secret. It would be neat if you released the engine. But I know, custom engines are good, but if you want to share it, it will be A MESS. 

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This is cool! Super cool! This is kind of distracting so I might have deleted it but it  is pretty damn cool and fun! I want to ask questions you will never answer because you are famous:

Tools used to make this and other of your apps.

Inspiration to make things like these.

How do you feel making these apps that control the desktop of the user.

If you could. You could answer these.

very cool

        - wise old man.

p.s I am not at all old. I am kind of young. I am not the wise old man, another guy is.

so that is messy

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