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exactly. thanks for reading!

thank you so much, this comment means a lot to me ;-;

blaseball is so much like going to a real baseball league sometimes, it's wild. i'm so happy to hear this resonated!! thank you for reading <3

this zine is beautiful. all the pieces, but even the cover and the credits and everything. it just looks so stunning and lovely. i appreciate the dedication to compiling so many written pieces -- formatting that could NOT have been easy -- and i love the variety of relationships portrayed.

god i love this zine. it's so upbeat and perky (mournful). the level of dramatic irony is unparalleled and everyone did such a good job. 

this is adorable. the art is very charming and the commentary from the "kids" is just so wholesome. what a fun idea.

the art here is stunning. everyone did a fantastic job and i love seeing the different cards assigned to particular players. i'm particularly enamored by the sun card. wonderful work all around.

i absolutely adore this zine. everything in it just has this very cute sort of found-family vibe? or at the very least, a "we all have done this so many times we know each other's needs very well" kind of vibe, and it makes me happy. what an excellent way to show team and player dynamics with just a few lines.

these are all so distinct in tone, and i enjoyed seeing all the variations on finn's lore. great work!

i love this so much!!! it's great to see the lore and vibes each team went with for these temporary seasons. i hadn't heard of SO much of it and it was all surprising and delightful in its own ways.

this is so cute!! i loved scrolling through and being surprised by players i recognized. great job matching the palettes to different players!!

i love this. the vibes of the playlists themselves are so wide and varied, and it is SO fun to hear all the thoughts from people who wrote them. the amount of care and thought and love wrapped up in it is evident and spectacular.

this was such a fun idea. i loved the glimpses into the lives of these players. given that the sim opted not to make them real in the way of every other characters, the fanworks doing so have some added weight.

this had me laughing the whole way through. it's such a fun idea and you executed it perfectly. the sort of upbeat vibes alongside the absolute horror of the hellmouth itself makes for perfect reading material, apparently.

i loved the idea of this zine from the word go, and the final product absolutely lives up to that. every piece here so wonderfully shows the different ways we respond to player deaths, and it was lovely to see what other teams have done outside of my own. the art is stunning, the writing is brilliant, and it all was assembled in such a way that none of the different styles or tones came across as jarring. excellent work all around.

a charming and absolutely heartwarming project. i loved working on it, and being a recipient of it. blaseball has so so much good writing out there and i love this as a way to celebrate it and call some attention back to things that stood out. everyone here is so kind and creative and cool.

this is so funny and i love it so much. i was charmed and delighted both by what people got right and by what they were completely wrong about. the way in which social media osmosis allows for lenny marijuana to assume household name status is truly remarkable. she deserves it.