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I got to what I believe is the end, at parts was Vague what to do but I managed. you blew it out of the park when it came to the oddities and dreamlike qualities, and I sort of got the idea of whats going on, took me quite a minute to figure some puzzles out, but I managed lol. really liked the console segments.

tried on pale moon (which that one is NOT your fault its an ancient firefox port) and vivaldi (which is a chromium browser) so it may very well be the browsers themselves, Ill be sure to check em out! cause again, wonderful tracks all around.

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Really enjoyed it all around, played for about 45 minutes, before I got caught by shadow man a bit too much,  losing items is no fun XD overall was fun and a good challenge, and followed dream aesthetic well, it felt like a good compromise of yume nikki and lsd dream emulator. Ill have to be cracking into it even after the jam cause I want to see it all! oh also small hiccups with the web browser just a warning, some of those stars are a bit annoying to nab since ya cant turn infinitely like on desktop version, Id suggest for post jam update locking the cursor to the center of the screen when not opening inventory or answering questions if there are any, also small gripe, but it needed more of the theme, only place I can really ding ya and thats begrudgingly! unless there was a frog room or massive cavern I missed in which Case I do apologize , lastly I really loved the areas and the great characters!  and I must know, who did the music?! cause its such a good bop throughout the 45 minutes I played! also is it ok if I make youtube vids of my playthrough and future runs I try?

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thank you for playin ^^ aye, I really need to redo parts as a post jam  update sometime. and yeah... I fudged the sound a bit

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interesting little game, a tad frustrating but was cathartic getting ending 4. couldnt figure out ending 2

hmmm may nab this next month. really happy with the freebies and the horror monster pack I nabbed tonight ^^

what cute character bodies and an ez to modify generator! I may use this for a few characters lol Ill be sure to bookmark ya so I can credit!

I can tell yall go all out! this tool is amazing, if I ever get better financially Ill definitely nab it. till then keep being awesome

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ya know, this was well worth it, finally a way away from mv and mz chibi even further than TAB thank you! I just dont have time like I used to to mess around with sprites on my own time sadly so this really is a good compromise plus I got to buy ya a snack  lol just realized I need to do a bit of resizing still ;-; ah well still a neat tool

aww, ah well. was a good bit of nostalgia to olde web horror games. had a good style. but stuff happens sometimes.

these really got a good style to em! Thanks for the freebie, if I get a few oddjobs strung together Ill probably nab monster pack 2 really like the look of that one.

Aye! thank you for working so hard to convert all these SeraphCircle! yer awesome for it!( ik its not done yet but just seeing the ones that are is still amazing progress)

hmm looks interesting from the page and the youtube vid, Ill keep this bookmarked so that I remember to buy in when I get some work after the new years.

neat, Ill be sure to nab it when I get back on my feet.

I noticed a few of the challenges are a bit....expensive lol. Im fine with throwing something together for free, but... Guess Imma have to skip the character creator challenges lol. they're good tools just...Im a bit tight on cash ya know? spent most of my online funds on irl stuff I probably wont even place but, least itll be fun! also surprised how hard it is to find the sprites for the challenge characters least as a reference since I intended to use wolf rpg editor. as mz3d and lets just say there's a reason I don't even converse about using that plugin; I can not comprehend  XD sorry for the gripes however small they may seem, Gluck everyone on your projects when we start proper tonight!

In spirit of the jam I joined nabbing some of your songs n sounds for my game, was surprised to see an optional challenge to use em but, no doubt it'll be a bonus rather than a challenge to use since they're pretty good. and help set the mood lol.

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Will donate when I can, bit tight on cash for a bit. thank you and everyone else who helps smaller hobbyists such as myself not spend 90% of our time in rm in art programs ( still spend 40% just cuase it is fun to try and fail at making my own)

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Hmm...That is a tough one, Dark souls 2 is definitely up there for me, Quite a few of the bosses gave me a rough time especially the first real boss with me being a magic fan .I suppose Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. Completing all the quests and making a good stable deck for each party member really takes alot out of ya. and certain bosses had me in a tight spot.

More recent one is faith all 3 games, had a blast figuring out the boss patterns and finding all the notes and unholy trilogy adds a good ammount to the first  2 games.

the mega man zero games were an interesting set 1-3 and 4 had a really good story that despite the many reloads had me at the edge of my seat,

system shock was so very much fun as was 2, sadly my laptop is way too weak to try the remake of 1 but the remaster despite being dated is wonderful fun. I really dont get why people hated the og cyber areas. its not as bad as they claimed about gettin lost as for the rest of my catalogue of old games not sure theyre what people would call hard, persay.

mentioned this Wonderful Gem after to a friend and felt the desire to reply it Cue my surprise to found ya moved it all to Not that Im complaining

This is so amazing! yer on the buy list for sure when I get new jerb or save enough from the shite mobile games Im playing ;-; this will make my free stuff Im making SOOO much better! I had to start looking at this cause the new update and galv DO NOT get along randomly so my old way of doing shadows for myself just doesnt work ;-; but this is SUCH AN UPGRADE! thank you so much for allow us to use it for free for non commercial! saved my game lol. your demo project sincerely blew me away with its dynamic lighting.
(figured this part belonged in comments not review)

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aint too useful for my current project (since its mainly rtp and a few shoddy edits) but these are great! definitely keepin em for something else later though, giving me a few ideas already. thank you for sharing em with us!

most certainly will credit if I use any, these are great.

link is dead?

These are great!