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Thank you for the reply and keep up the great work!

Thank you so much!

Such a good game and an amazing art style I really hope you keep up the great work because I really enjoyed playing this! 

I appreciate the feed back!

Created a new topic Just your everyday lets play!

I really enjoy this game I can't wiat to play around with it some more and see what I can make these robots do! 

I really, really enjoy playing this its a great concept with an awesome art style keep up the great work dev! 

I really enjoyed this, its adorable and you should keep up the great work! 

What a fun game I hope more suggestions are added later because this really is a nice concept keep up the great work! 

I can't wait to give it a go thanks for letting me know!

No problem you have a great thing going and I hope you keep it up!

I decided to come back I thought the ship I was making was larger I can't wait to make a truly large ship. This game is fantastic and whenever I don't know what yo play this is what I go back to. 

Oh really don't take me being the way I was as a bad experience, once I got it to work off camera later this was a great game I can't wait to see more!

I did some what enjoy but currently a lot of bugs. I hope to see more content and a less buggy version so I can play more of it!

Created a new topic THIS IS GREAT!!!!

I love this game and if you haven't picked it up on Steam you should worth a buy and just keeps getting better! 

I have really been enjoying this game and I decided to do another video, I tried to create the Death Star! Let me know what you think and keep up the great work dev. 

What an adorable difficult little game that I now love, keep up the great work dev! 

I tried again my first attempt was not the best this was better! I love this game so much! 

I love this game I could not ask for a better experience! Keep up the great work. 

Created a new topic The early days, Lets play

I remember playing this on here and when it was still super early finally bought the actual game and do not regret it hope you enjoy the video! 

Created a new topic Just an everyday lets play

What an enjoyable experience of a game, I can't wait to play more and I can really use this to kill time, keep up the great work! 

The rage is real with this one, I really enjoyed the game but it sure did get me angry, keep up the great work dev! 

I loved this game, it has a great art style and characters you will remember. I can't wait to play the others and I hope the dev gets more recognition for this game!  

I tried to get the grind for longer than I would like to admit to but after much time I think I can do it almost everytime! lol

Created a new topic Just an everyday lets play

I really enjoyed this game the box controls got a little annoying but other than that it was a fantastic game and I plan on doing a whole series on this game because it has a great art style and wonderful concept, keep up the great work! 

I really enjoyed this game I can't wait to play some more of it. I would deff suggest playing this keep up the great work dev!

<font><font>Its an adorable game and deff worth a play, I really hope this turns into a full game because it is a lot of fun. Keep up the good work dev! </font></font>

I really enjoyed this game I would like to see even more from, the art style is great and the way it builds to the end is wonderful. Keep up the great work! 

I love this game and art style I can't wait for it to not just be a demo!

I really enjoy this game and everyone should check it out the developer is great!

Posted in EVO comments

I did enjoy this game I think it could use an update but it was worth playing thru and I love the concept keep up the great work! 

I really enjoyed this game I need the full thing to come out because this really is a great game!

I think i'm going to play more because this is worthy of another go!

I love this game and although this portion did feel short I loved it as much as the first this really draws you and makes you want to know more, Keep up the great work with the game and I hope to play part three very soon!

I got the second chapter to this because I loved the first one and let me tell you the second is even better than the first and you can check it out here:

Replied to chaozz in Survius comments

Maybe a wee bit of borrowing on the outro I changed it just a little from his but you know I am really working on getting used to editing before I work on the intro and outro, any ideas would be appreciated btw!

Hey great game I do agree with some of the comments below finding a weapon can be difficult. Overall this is a fun game I can't wait to see what more you do to this and keep up the great work!

This game is a strange one for sure I see how everyone reacts to an unsolicited encounter with my "little friend", I hope you enjoy!

I really enjoyed how crazy this made me I really just want to get the highscore, I hope you enjoy the video of my time in the game!

I finally picked up the full game on steam or the early release version on there its definitely worth a play on here at least, you can check out my perspective here if you would like!

Thank I really enjoy this game I think I'm going to play some more soon!