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Finally the first strand-type Gameboy game!

Love the lighting!

I love the aesthetic so much and i love the gameplay concepts! However game was very difficult for me.

Absolutely love the graphics! I found falling off of platforms was unintuitive and the hitboxes for combat were a bit weird for me.

Really enjoyed the  gameplay!

Very relaxing and simple.

Love the artstyle!

There is a minor bug that causes the healthbar to be slow to update. So its not intended but not unexpected.

Very detailed level designs and the damage details (like airships smoking when shot) look really cool. But the flying is very stiff and the lack of any guided weapons feels off. (Especially when fighting the smaller enemies.)

Overall its an okay game.

Im glad you liked it! I plan to make more flying games in the future so keep an eye out for that.

I really like this. The game looks great and has a entertaining mixture of horror and comedy. The only complaint is that I feel skeletons spawn way to quickly when compared to how fast you can shoot

Fun but unforgiving game.

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Finally another flight game! Very simple but fun and I love the design of the aircraft. The only glitch I encountered was that respawning would place you incorrectly and then you respawn again however this sorted itself out in <4 attempts

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Played v1.1 it fixed all my major issues. The game is the most performant 3d game made with Godot 4 I've played yet. The cockpit of the spaceship has a very utilitarian but cool look to it (I really like the glass texture) with the only minor gripe with the cockpit being a lack of speedometer. And finally the planet Delta Blue has a very distinct look in game that the screenshots don't do justice.

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I found the game very confusing. The game would restart whenever I got to a sample. Also the pitch and roll was extremely sensitive meaning I had to use yaw whenever possible. The first person view was cool though.

Has a very cool arcade look to it. However I found to game frustrating rather than fun. The darkness aspect combined with your low health means you spend most of your time dodging in an environment you cant properly see which I found frustrating. On another note this game weirdly reminds me of Hotline Miami.

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Personally I know its very weak. The loss of fps while moving was more my concern rather than my overall low fps

Solid basis. My only real issues where the inability to rotate the ship and framerate drops when moving (not that I could go over 10fps)

This game is alright. as much as the bright cyan and the rare building being in front of the walk path would throw me off the darker rooms like the train station looked AMAZING. The gameplay itself was meh Which is understandable as it seems the art style was the focus here.

One of the enemies spooked me. Nice game.

Im using the 64bit version of windows 10.

Game has a very distinctive look and the gameplay has a solid basis. It would be nice if the ability to restart the level was added.

This game refuses to run on my 64bit windows. (It tells me the program is incompatible.)

Interesting concept. Could make for a really paranoia inducing game.

Hey this is like when I cross the road IRL
Functions perfectly. Good job!

Finally my gameplay experience is complete. Thank you!

My only regret is that I couldn't see mother nature's incredible 6 pack abs at the end.

Honestly i love the concept. The only thing i could of asked for was if the news stories had descriptions were as insane as "real"  fake news


Helicopter flies very consistently and the HUD is extremely useful. Good job!

This game has a solid basis and it was fun to see all the weird places I could land

Nice game. the instant level transitions can be confusing and the space levels were too hard for me but I still like what I was able to play

Fun game. The only thing of note is that in later waves (I made it to wave 60.) that you have much more money than resources and very little to do with said money.

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This game functions perfectly and has a ton of potential. However it was rather frustrating to play as turret projectiles have travel time and would often miss because they didn't lead the shots enough to hit the faster moving enemies. I even had one playthrough (I gave 8 attempts) in which roughly half of all shots missed.

While a combination of game crashes and higher difficulty prevented me from finishing the game. It was very fun to play and the art was great!

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Fun game! The concept of this game is quite interesting and led to amusing moments. (Stealing an antenna off of someone's house while 3 people have their backs turned and cloaking away must of caused one heck of a discussion.)

Missed chance to call it "Bottlefield"!

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The gameplay is surprisingly rhythmic which makes fights interesting. Also this game really does give off the feeling of an old game much more than most games I've played.

Another great game from Carrion Goat. With great music and art this game is a strong rival to the 7 failed attempts to make an FPS. (Hype for the 8th attempt.)

Currently the most realistic banana simulator on the Godot engine. I was able to single handedly defeat a whopping 48 oranges before the game crashed (epically)

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While this is certainly not my kind of game I must compliment the very smooth animations. Also FPS is fine even on my radeon r4