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*Updated Technique list to be divided by type of Technique (spell casting, form changing) and to separate out "Booster Content" from "Core Content." This change should increase usability of the Techniques list as it expands and very importantly, it means that I can add new Techniques way more easily.

New Content:

*A slightly silly Technique, Thanks, Future Me, from the slightly silly planned Booster Pack dedicated to Jeff Stormer. Booster Packs are going to be content released in a variety of different ways with a bunch of different topics and focuses. If you'd like to submit ideas for them (or ideas for the core game), one way you can do that is with the Writing Ritual Prompt Submitter!

Up Next:


*Character sheets

Woops! I can't believe i missed this one! 

Yes, I'm moving Intelligence to Arcane! Will fix that next release! Thank you so much! :D 

Id love to get this on Tabletop Simulator, but there's SO much that's going to keep changing for a while! I wouldn't want to waste your time! 

Good evening!
As RADCrawl is in an alpha state, there's going to be a LOT to change and improve.

If you see specifically things that are missing, need more explanation, or should be added, please let me know. That will help me move it from alpha to beta to DONE quicker!

If there's specific smaller content (Weapons, Techniques, Crawls, whatever) you'd like to see, check out the RADCrawl Writing Ritual Prompts to get things on my writing list!