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This is a cool project. The art is great, mechanics simple yet distinct, and the overall level design is pretty impressive. The controls weren't bad on a keyboard but I feel like the tap-to-step might work better on a gamepad (could also just be my personal preference) so if ever updating that might be a cool addition. Only other minor piece of feedback I'd have is if you split the various levels of background on to different planes and gave them different parallaxes it'd add a real sense of depth and scale. Really enjoyable and solid work though!

This is wonderful and dark and unsettling.  More like this would be awesome, also would be on board with an expanded version with more options that branch the poem/narrative.

Phenomenal execution though! Good luck on future stuffs!

This was really fun. I played on a mid-range PC without controller and did experience some lag especially in the second arena fight. The mouse and keyboard were surprisingly fluid. I did feel the field-deflect was a bit slow to come out. Overall enemy telegraphs were clear if not sometimes short. It wasn't super obvious at first that the bigger enemies couldn't be deflected. Makes sense of course but could use a bit of clarity in game. Environments and enemy design is phenomenal. The combat has a kinda unique flow of defense to absorb to offense and repeat. It's really slick and something that I would love to play if expanded on and further fleshed out.

Good luck to the whole team!

So I love this idea and your work so far is fantastic. I ran into a few bugs playing and have some minor feedback.

First point of feedback is the ship can be a bit hard to follow. My recommendation would be to make the outline a bit thicker and make a distinct color (yellow or something else easy to follow.) Second is for longer rounds maybe have asteroids spawn off screen and float through the play area at semi-random intervals.

1: After a minute of play the enemy side of the screen was just a constant explosion of particle effects. Probably just want to make sure bullets out of play destroy themselves and particle effects don't fire (also make sure they have a limited lifespan when they do fire.)

2: I scored a point and field didn't reset.

I think with just a bit of extra post-jam polish you have a really solid project here. Good luck!

This was really solid and fun. It took me a good bit of time to figure out the timing for the skateboard and longer to catch up to that first truck and figure out the flow of the game. Once I did though it was a pretty neat experience. Music's solid, art is cute and retro in a way that isn't overdone. Great work!

This concept is goofy and I absolute am here for it. I feel like there's a potential to make a ridiculous Katamari Damacy or Pikmin style game about growing and using your flock to cause chaos. This was fun to mess around with for a while. If you're really looking to expand this project I'd advise looking into using Flocking Behavior/Algorithms for the AI. There's a book by Aversa et al called Unity Artificial Intelligence Programming that has a pretty easy to follow section on implementing and using Flocking in Unity. Cube style is also very cute.

This was a neat experience. Background art was phenomenal and the falling sequence before the last boss was a clever touch to mixup the gameplay. I appreciated having to talk to the bosses and that seemed more important than the actual fight itself. Only issue I really had was it was hard to tell when I was or wasn't hurting the bosses. Great job!

This game is really cool! I played this alone (it was a little chaotic) but really appreciate the two player focus.I'm going to try this with two players later but I think this is a neat project that is pretty easy to pickup and play. The only bit I wasn't totally confident in was as player two if I had to click the repair icon or the part of the plane it was relating two, neither seemed 100% reliable but overall it's a clever project!

Very cute! 10/10. Only real issue I noticed was when you hold your mouse button down the ghosts move away, even when you don't have any drawing juice. Can make it a bit easy to survive. Otherwise super fun, character is super endearing, and there's tons of potential with the system.


Yay! This is one of the projects I was super excited to play watching updates on the game jam server. It's goofy, it's satisfying, it's fun. The aesthetic is simple and cute and the fire is very easy on the eyes. I would greatly like a bigger version of this game, something maybe a little more open with just a slight challenge.

Still -awesome! Thank you.

This aesthetic? Yes. Please. 100% more. This project seems like a fun start and has the germ of a neat quick little idea.

This game is really fun. I love the idea behind limiting the firepower and it works well in the game. The biggest point of feedback I'd have is in the background -it's super busy and can be a little distracting. I think a plain black background and a handful of the parallaxing stars would work much better while also keeping the play area nice and clear. The slower moving ship is awesome though, I liked having to plan my location in the long-run rather than just zipping around the screen.

Great game!

This is a great little game. The difficulty escalates nicely. The anti-virus software spike though can break the game if the RNG is in the players favor though. I had some of the more difficult levels where most of my hacks came from just spiking blue computers on the larger networks.  Still an awesome little game with some great music.


I love the Gameboy style aesthetic so much. It tugs on all my nostalgia heart strings. I also greatly enjoy challenging and difficult games (Super Meat Boy, Electronic Super Joy, Dark Souls, etc.) This game has a lot of potential, and right now I think the steep learning curve is hurting it. I intend to play more but after nearly an hour I still haven't gotten past the first level. I think it is simply too busy and there's too much going on to adapt to. Not to mention the time between death and respawn gets painful. I think the bar for initial challenge needs to be lowered. I also spent a lot of time not clear on what killed me. Part of it was due to me not registering the spikes on the level or the falling projectiles. They too closely matched the color of the background and environment. I think it'd help to have them pop a bit more, make them black like the fish or something similiar so they stand out.

I hope this project continues to grow and can find that sweet spot that makes challenging fun. All the best of luck on your project!

Love the concept, 100%. The core game loop is hinted at but isn't quite there yet. The game play and the consequences of actions is currently light but headed in a great direction. A slight thing I can say is make the enemy (victim) AI a bit more conducive to game play. I had a counselor walk toward and from a trap for close to a dozen turns. As a designer I'd work in some hidden logic where victims are more likely to walk toward and into traps when they're a set amount of spaces away.

Given the intent of the game I'd also like to see game play actions make changes on the game. This is just my thought in example: like maybe if I keep hiding bodies in trash cans there's some sort of notice that it has become part of my legend and victims start destroying or trapping trash cans.

I am very excited to see more development. Best of luck on your project!