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Hi there, are these files available to the public? I'd really like to have the playbooks available in Roll20.

How exciting! Looking forward to it!

Nice! I like that you didn’t need to use any other solo tools. 

The Cost/Benefit change is much more clear! 

One other thing I didn't realize was that the Heat track is shared by the group. We were playing that it was an individual track and I was wondering how anyone got very high on it. I think I might still adjust the amount of advancement on that for two players.

The stats were another interesting thing to read about in your log. Coming from D&D we interpreted them to be: Moxie ~ Str/Con, Smarts ~ Int/Wis, Wiggles ~ Dex, Friends ~ Cha, Pockets ~ as described in the log. Seeing how all of them (aside from Pockets) are more like FATE's approaches, I think we'll give it a shot next time and see how that works out.

I stumbled on this game while looking for a one-shot to run for my group as only two players were available to play. I was able to digest the rules and whip up a Star Trek/No Man's Sky hex crawl within two hours and ran it later that night. I stumbled a bit with the Heat and Complication mechanics but I think that will smooth itself out now that 've read the blog post on playing the game.

The tables in particular are really useful and inspiring. I immediately made some custom ones as part of my prep and everything worked out great. I can see myself easily using the Space Aces tables in other games.

Keep it up!