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Hey, this is a fantastic mod and I love the character, but I'm a little confused on how money comes about. It seems to be rather arbitrary where sometimes I can kill an entire room of baddies and get almost nothing, but then other times I can get a ton of gold from every kill. Also, bigger enemies (as far as I know) don't contain more gold. I killed the Bandit boss and he had NO GOLD on him. 

I like the idea of a character who purchases specific upgrades, but this doesn't work very well as the money isn't consistent. With rads you know that all enemies drop them and bigger enemies drop more rads. But with coins, most enemies don't drop coins and bigger enemies may not drop coins. This doesn't seem very balanced and I feel like the coin drop rate just needs to be increased a little or bigger enemies are guaranteed to drop two coins.

To add to that, I think the weapon upgrades need to do a little more. For instance, a normal mutation can give you the ability to heal from killing enemies. That's a big deal. However, I upgraded Knight's sword to the max level and I'm pretty sure it did less than the Energy Sword in terms of damage. It took me part way through a loop to get the Sword fully upgraded but even then it's not as powerful as a weapon that can be found halfway through the pre-loop. For coins to be such a rare thing that are hard to find they need to give the player some bonus that is greater than a mutation that heals, gives you higher ammo, or revives you from the dead. Also, Knight has less HP, so coins need to be REALLY REALLY good in terms of what they can purchase. For example, the sword should probably be able to one hit a snowbot by Level 3 or have a faster swing rate. The reason why Melee weapons can be so effective in NT is because of Trigger Fingers and Long Arms, but without those Melee weapons are fairly useless. This means that Knight's sword needs to compensate not only for its price, the lack of HP, and the lack of coin drops, but also for the lack of Mutation availability that normally makes melee weapons so good.

But again, I love playing as the character but I feel like the coin rate needs to be a little higher for him to work well or his abilities need to be buffed. Great mod.

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Hello! I bought Nuclear Throne from the other day and I know this mod seems to only work through steam. I imported the game into my steam library, but the properties menu doesn't have the "local files" tab like a game that is purchased from steam does. Am I just out of luck, or is there a way to directly put the mod into the game without going through steam?

Thank you for your time.