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Güzel mekanikler üzerinde çalışılmış, level tasarımı ve bulmacalar iyi tasarlanmış. Elinize sağlık.

Nice package kee

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Thank you, i am glad you have enjoyed it. We are working on bettering the graphics. I am not sure dither version will stay there in the end product. Will keep working on it :)

Thank you for the kind comment, You should be able to reach the lady in the last level :)

Thank you, I am glad you have enjoyed it. We will improve and extend the game to make it a full fledged product :)

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Animations on collission depends on your speed. If you are going slow crash animation won't play. We made it so that it doesn't bother our players so much. Same as well with the AH sound.

Also, we have updated trasition screen between levels and we are still improving the game.

Thank you for playing and testing it.