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This game was really good! And crazy lmao, i loved it! AND IDK WHY THE QUALITY IS SO BAD ON THIS VIDEO LMAO BUT ENJOY!

SO FUNNY MAN! I loved it lmao it was too good, check it out!!

This was too funny LOL! I loved it! My reaction is so funny lmao! hope you enjoy this video! 

Really intresting lmao, a lil loud tho, could just be me tho lmao, really had fun haha! 

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Really awesome game it was so and i loved it, knowing the fact it knew so much was so exilerating! SUBSCRIBE!

go to your files, click download, extract the files if you have to, the double click on the file until you find the game wich is called Amanda the Adventurer

this game is so strange and scary, i loved it lol, if you like videos like this one, SUBSCRIBE! 

Kinda spooky and super fun! It really gave me the chills but was really fun to play!! But my god i loved it

Check this out, i kinda got a little too paranoid...

SUCH A FUNNY HORROR GAME I LOVED IT!!! it was spooky and funny, thats what i like, also we need to know what happened to donkey lol

Awesome Game, Super fun and scary, made a video on it, chack it out!