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Pretty cool concept! I liked how simple it was to understand/play, yet it still had a lot of nuances.

It got really tense at some points.
I'd miss shots, panic, and then shoot a ton of bullets to swap directions. This'd waste ammo though, so afterward I was still stressed trying to save ammo.

I haven't gotten past the first level (my max was 34/50), but right now my goal is to study enemy movement patterns and perfect aim.

The 3D version of the legendary PixiJS game.
I had fun playing it- was on a high score run dodging everyone until I hit a police car that had flipped over and wasn't even moving ;0

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Oh, you have the solution, but you can't see the target currently.
From the spot where you are in the photo, you have to warp the block right, and then warp right. And then warp the block left, and warp left. (If that doesn't work, then I messed something up.)

Sorry for the unclear puzzle. I have a new idea for that one, that I think would be cooler and clearer.