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You can get it right here!

Thanks, communication is the main reason why we mention it's 5 years old, haha. We would definitely telegraph more and communicate better where bosses can be hurt, if we had to do it again. It's also worth noting that Score Attack is the only mode because we made it for a physical arcade cabinet, so it wasn't really meant for a digital release back then :)

Thanks! Your voice-over was very fun to hear! And yep, if we would redo it, we would definitely focus on communication about where to hurt the bosses; most people jump off the building. 😅 We're glad you enjoyed it, though! 

Thanks guys! If you liked it, we also have a further developed version you could check out: :) Hit us up if you have any other questions or remarks!

Thanks, comrade Snake_Dog!

The probably theory is that the game became sentient and adds its own content now!

(we didn't put any monkeys in the game) 😄

I'm afraid we'll never know, now. :(

We're super glad you enjoyed it! Sorry to hear about the cussing -- that must have escaped us due to the game jam confusion. We don't have an update planned right now, though. Thanks for the kind words. :)

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Sorry, get on what?