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Wait: You hadn't these key elements done when you promised on May 3rd 2022 on Discord that you will release on May 24th 2022? 

And again: nothing since January? After promising updates "shortly" and statements like: "development will suddenly appear to go faster"? AI and advanced demand calculation aren't part of your engine but additional features?

This is indeed all we got so far in the new version. This new version of the game is based on an older project,  which can be found on the homepage. Many missing features are working (a little bit buggy) in this older version. So there is some hope, that they can be implemented in the next years(?). The developer doesn't keep any of his promises regarding any deadlines or update cycles but seems to be working on this project (from time to time?). There isn't a steam Page (promised february) or any Update since the last annonucement (promised 2-3 das, later 1-2 weeks). Since it's very hard for Indie developers to earn their costs of living, I think we have to be patient. But don't expect anything to happen in may.

Personally I fear there are unresolved problems regarding the AI development and a dynamic demand system. Both aspects are very difficult & mathematical. They didn't worked in the old version properly. Instead of working on those topics, he choose to start a new version with better GUI and some new features (seatmaps). These are nice, but not as important for a good economy game like a demand&KI engine.

I wouldn't recommend to spend any more money (like I did from time to time) as long there aren't better informations about the development or signs of a functional game economy engine.