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BLATTELLA // Mona Chua

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fucking awesome

gender affirming experience

gender affirming experience

blahaj cameo


very stylish presentation. i love my new friend.

i think your guts are full of diesel and rose petals.

i am blowing a summoning horn right now. a swarm of gays will converge upon this page.

i really, really like this. incredibly tasty aesthetic and presentation. please be my friend.

^ this is basically what i look like in irl life btw. i did choose my organs too, of course i did, but you have to guess what they look like.

thank you



i first played this game four years ago, as an egg. i left a five star review saying "Perfect. Made me feel exactly how I came in wanting to feel."

now, four years later, i've started hrt and gone on a roadtrip with my girlfriend. this hits all the harder for it. if i could bump that rating up further, i would.

thanks. for one little, illuminating story that pointed me in the direction of how i wanted to feel. it's all i wished and more and i hope with all my heart that all of it will, in fact, go on forever.

this happened to my buddy eric

gently holds

love this. incredibly strong premise, promising start and stylish presentation

thanks for sharing this!

thank you

this rules and i loved it

thank you for the praise, and for spotting that error! it should be fixed in the next update <3

have you considered making plants hideable? i love having the dino as something to watch while i work, but the clutter of the plants takes up too much screenspace for me


these bitches gay

feel like i could fly with the boy on the moon



computer angy

this continues to kick ass and i really appreciate the love that goes into it

we'll make it feel like the first time


hey i love this

these are extremely good and high quality and not even in the slightest bit funny.

i loved every second of this and what it stood for. it made me feel more seen than i think anything else has yet. thank you to all of you

i don't really think about the power levels of my characters in concrete terms so i can't give a very helpful answer right now, but i do intend to have the main cast level up once later in the story. the skeleton has some room for growth, is a hint i can give for now.

oh wormb?

oghofgohogo oghhhhhhhhh

i love the parallel of the red kite in both the sad rondeau and happy haiku, was that intentional?

beautiful intent beautiful idea beautiful execution