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Really? Could you tell me how?

Yeah, i can play it that way. Thank you very much.

Haha it's just a translation of something we say in my language. It roughly means that i must be overseeing something very obvious. But thank you for the download :)

It's not due to the browser, it's due to the security measures my company mandates for devices you work from home from. I cant have anything run through a browser because of it (among other things).

Perhaps i'm stupid then, because i can't see a download button?

Damn, i can't run the game in browser i'm afraid :( 

Can we get an .exe? I can't run in on web

Can we get an .exe?

I can't see a download

Could we get an .exe?

Any chance we can get a .exe?

Can we get a downloadable?

Can we get a download. Cant run it from browser.

When i try  to download i get: ''Nothing is available for download yet.''

thats fine too :) I just can't run it decently from browser

Any chance we get an .exe

Could we get a download

Then i'll have to be patient i guess :)

Could we get a .exe? I have problems running in-browser games.

Thank you :D

Could we get an .exe? I have problems with games running in browsers

Could we get a downloadable?

Could we get a .exe?

Can we get an .exe?

Thank you :D

Thank you :D I like to play these kinds of games in the train on the laptop, so having a downloadable is much easier then betting on the wifi.

Can we get a .exe?

Can we have a .exe?

Can we get an exe?

Can we get an exe?

Can we get an exe

Can we get a executable?

I can't open this game through the launcher. It says the build is undefind.

Could we get an .exe?

That's 2 bad. I'm unable to play the web version for some reason :(

Is it possible to get an installable version of this?

I'm just not able to get it running in the browser.