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This game is pure insanity at the least. Phew! That was one TOUGH platformer there!

But, on a serious note, I have to give it to you. The controls were nice and easy, and the jump was just floaty enough to control the landing point. Very snappy and fast paced game with great story and amazing visual!

I'm actually surprised at how you didn't ruin the gameplay, because with many games, people tend to get carried away by challenge and even sometimes repetition which can make the game a little boring. But this one was different.

Every level was unique in its own way and followed a pattern so that the player could slowly understand and follow the pattern along with the level too. The story line was certainly unique, and the boss fights weren't ruined by all the various gameplay mechanics that were previously implemented. 

For a free browser game on, this really kicks up the standard. Overall, I have just one word:


When I launch the game, the screen just is a black window. I can't close the window or even move it to a different screen. Can someone help me out?