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Iv'e not played a visual novel this adorable before, being as most are on the side of satire. Chook and Sosig destroyed my expectations to be both light hearted and hilarious.  Definitely worth playing, and if you have the scratch like I do, pay for it. The developer has something special here that I hope he continues to perfect and solidify it. 

Well done keep it up. 


This game is the worst game Iv'e ever played....and I love it. Even though the subject matter is a fad I villify it had me laughing on more then one occasion. It's a funny game that pokes fun at a very annoying fad. 

I plan on playing the second game here soon. 

Well I just got owned I guess.....

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Playfully discards modern horror tropes. While it isn't actually a horror game, it does advertise as one. Which of course is the first step to this games success. Even though it may not be the best indie game out there, it's an experience nonetheless that will leave you saying "That got weird". If I could levy one critique on this game it would be the short run time, plenty more humor could have been squeezed from this situation. And they could have expanded on the internet side of things more.

All in all keep it up.


.( ^_^)


Also here is a cute little bunny to brighten up your day!

While it looks sub par it still has a fantastic premis that pretty much makes the look not at all important. The idea of a hitman with a conscience who also wants to get paid was a concept that made me chuckle a few times. And if the measure of a game is fun, then this game made me have it.

Insanity is a game that shows a well thought out concept in a rather spooky atmosphere. While is stutters at certain points like voice acting and controls, it still has enough too it to make it fun to play.

What do you get when you take an awkward bearded cross dresser...mix them with the dev's that make weird inventive games...and add a banging techno soundtrack? You get Dress to Express Dancing Success, an odd little game that gives off the positive message to believe in yourself and try new things. Come get a face full.

I have a youtube channel and I love this prototype it really is great. You should keep expanding. Maybe get greenlit.

Tried to look up...couldn't....got the joke....waiting on strategy guide *Two thumbs up*

This game made my head hurt....I can't tell if that was the intended effect but well done.

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This game Is rough around the edges but it has a lot of promise, and it looks damn good for being an early access indie title. Keep up the good work, this is something I'm going to want to play when it comes out done. :)

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A truly bizarre game with an excellent message. Belive in your yourself....and try new things. I loved it.

Keep up the weird Team lazerbeam.