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Tysm! I see it only has 7 days left, am I able to enter with this game? If so how? I’m new to this website. lol


Thanks man!

No, it’s being worked on.

you just exported it. Lol I can do it rn in turbo warp :p

Awesome! It’s really cool! :D




Hello! I’m new to itch. anyone wanna be friends? :D



Yeah! XD

Heyo! How are you today? :)

Tysm! I really appreciate that!

I know the you can’t date your own games. Lol but thanks! did you rate this game?

I appreciate that! Is there a way to rate games? I haven’t figured out how to yet.

Tysm! :)

Lol. Tysm! :D you’ve been most kind and welcoming!

XD cool! Should we follow each other than? I look forward to your future games! :) your my first friend!

Oh! Well it was nice meeting you! Hopefully we can become friends! :D

Also! Congrats on 200+ followers! I’m new here but on I have 2000 xD Can you help me get noticed? I’m so clueless as to how this place works! Lol

Yes! Other than some help in the basic plat former physics, everything is me! (All credits at end) thanks so much for playing! :)

Tysm! I really appreciate it!

Here you go! Tysm!

Okay! Ty! If I may ask, you want to see my new game? If not it’s fine. Tysm!

How come you unfollowed???

Np! I need your help, I’m new to itch, and was wondering if you could give me like a mini tour of it. Lol :)

Great game! The VHS effect makes it so cool! :)

Great Job! Amazing game! :)

Sure! I only ask to take Blast Raccoon Galaxy done please! :)

I'm good too! Thx! Just trying to understand this website xD

How r you? :D