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Thank you. That sounds awesome. I'm looking forward to it :)

You're welcome. Playing your game was fun, and I'm glad you found that moment at 9:42 enjoyable—it caught me off guard, lol. Your appreciation means a lot, and I'm happy y'all liked my review of the game. Take care :)

This was unique and I liked the story. I managed to get all three endings too.

You're welcome. I look forward to your next project :)

Once again, this game doesn't disappoint. Chapter 2 was amazing.

Thanks for sharing this game with me. Once again, it doesn't disappoint.  :)

I love this game so far. It's pretty fun and aesthetically unique.

You're welcome and it's no problem at all. It's a pretty fun game so far.

You're welcome :)

Thank you, the game is really cool so far.
And I've put a couple years into this channel so that means a lot. Thank you :)

This game was really fun. I have no complaints at all.

I love everything about this game so far. 10/10

So far, I'm really impressed with this VN. The characters are nice, and the game's dark ambiance adds an intriguing depth.

This game was short, but awesome. 10/10

This was a nice and short adventure game.

Awesome game, i wasnt ready for it to end. The captor doesnt seem that bad lol

I like the story so far. I don't find too many Adult Sci-Fi games so this was nice.

I absolutely love the voice acting; it adds such depth and immersion to the game. Furthermore, I'm thoroughly impressed by the intricate detail and high level of polish evident throughout every aspect of the game.

This game is one-of-a-kind and exceptionally well-done. I love every aspect of it.

I tried extreme mode and holy hell. I lasted not even 5 minutes but i had a blast. 10/10

You're welcome. :)
Despite the game being short, the atmosphere was scary.

You're welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed. :)

The atmosphere in this game is awesome. It was definitely more ominous than I anticipated.

This game was awesome. It started to scare me towards the end.

Really Fun Game. I managed to get 3 out of 4 endings. I'm not sure about the last one, but I enjoyed the game nonetheless.

I love the aesthetics and the mini games. It was short, but pretty fun.

You're very much welcomed. Keep up the great work. :)

These kinds of stories are among my favorites. I even got all the endings in your game too. A solid 10 out of 10.

I underestimated the depth of this game. Awesome job. 

You're welcome, keep up the good work.

Hello soulsoftea,

You're welcome and I'm glad your husband enjoyed my playthrough. The ending was totally unexpected for me, and I loved playing the game. 

I hope you love the video and my reactions as much as your husband did.  Lol

This game was amazingand the easiest puzzle game I've come across yet. I wish i could find more games with this art style because its my favorite.

I tried to make Danny as cool as possible lol

Fun game, was a bit scary but not too bad. Lol

I wasn’t expecting the ending in the demo at all. It’s insanely good, and I wish the demo was slightly longer. I can’t wait until valentines 2025. 

Thank you for sharing this game with me.I really love the voice acting and the in-depth backstory. 10/10

This game stands out for its uniqueness, and I love its art style. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't uncover all 11 endings, but I still had a great time playing.

This game is incredibly cool! I particularly enjoy the thrilling chase scene at the end and the captivating aesthetics throughout. The design of the wolves adds a unique touch too.

This game is awesome as hell. I love the graphics and the atmosphere of the game. 10/10

Kira is wild, but she seems nice lol