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This game is so well put together and clean so far. It's one of the cleanest games I've played so far. 10/10

I loved the concept of this game. I'd give them all medicine if i could. A really good moral compass test. 10/10

This game was pretty good so far as it is. Also, a good concept and I love the art style. 10/10

This made me a little sad but I enjoyed the overall aspect of the game. 10/10

This demo was awesome. I am starting to like gabriel too. 10/10

I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this game. This is a reality for some people so it's important to spread awareness. Great work. 10/10

This game has been awesome so far. It reminds me of The Swordbearer in a way. 10/10 

Beautiful visual novel. Hopefully they meet again in another life. 10/10

This game was awesome. I managed to get all the endings. Ending 5 was my favorite though.

You're welcome. It happens, so don't worry. :)

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the playthrough :)

You're welcome, I'm happy you enjoyed it :)

You're welcome, I'm happy you enjoyed my overall playthrough/review of the game. :)

This was a really cool short story. I wasn't expecting that plot twist, so that was pretty neat. 10/10

This was a funny visual novel. I fully expected things to go horribly wrong with the main character and the demon. 10/10

Overall, this game was an amazing experience. I recommended this game to some of my people. 10/10

This was a nice short story. I would love to see it expanded more in the future. It has great potential. 10/10

I really like this game. I loved the voice acting and the game's atmosphere. 10/10

You're welcome, it's pretty awesome for just being a demo. And I'm happy you liked the playthrough.

You're welcome, keep up the great work :)

You're welcome :)

You're welcome, keep up the great work :)

You're welcome, I thought the story was a cool concept. :)

I love the art style and the unique story for this game. I can't wait for the next part. 10/10

Awesome story, I managed to get 4 of 5 endings I believe. 10/10 

This was a nice, short game. It has a lot of potential. 10/10

I liked the artistic style and music. I believe I got all the endings. Overall, it was a good experience.

This was a really nice, short and enjoyable visual novel. Now I want to try baking my own cake. 

I'm so glad I didn't miss this. I like this realtor a little more than the previous one. He's very nice lol.

The game was amazing from start to finish. I can't wait to see how things develop in the next update. I'm not sure who's more brutal of an ending; it's pretty close though.

This was awesome, I loved the plot twist and the way the story is developing. I can't wait until the next part. 10/10

You're welcome, I didn't realize I missed some aspects of the game.

I'll play it again so I can see the other ending. Thanks for letting me know. And I look forward to future developments of this project and others in the future.

This was a nice short game. I was ready to play some more and meet the person behind the origami art. Awesome game so far though


The atmosphere of this game was phenomenal. I was slightly worried about a potential jump scare, but I still enjoyed my experience. 10/10

I played the full game and I loved it from beginning to end. 10/10

This is a complex otome game. He really likes cats too. I can't say I was disappointed either.

This was awesome, i wasn't ready for the game to end. 10/10

Yes, the characters are awesome. I'll try to do all the routes as soon as possible.

And thanks, I've tweaked my intros and overlays alot to get it to that point, so I appreciate it. :)

This game was awesome, I didn't expect Cherry Pie to be so wild, but it was fun. 10/10