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I haven't played a game like this before. A relaxing atmosphere with a lot of potential. 10/10

This was really good. I died pretty early so I'll try again but I'm loving the atmosphere and story so far.

This was really cool. I managed to find the culprit after the third day. 10/10

Take your time, college isn't easy and the demo is really great.

Awesome :)

Thank you, I'm happy you liked the video. I've already followed so I'll be patiently waiting for the next chapter. :)

I finished chapter 1. This game is too good. I loved every minute of it.

This game was really cool. I wasn't expecting the ending I got.

This game is really cool. I love the watercolor style.

You're welcome 

This was really cool so far. Im sad it was a demo but excellent start.

This game was great so far. More options would definitely improve the experience because people love interactive games but great start still.

I'm glad you liked the video. I did notice the auto save feature once I went back to the main menu. I usually plays games where I have to manually save so it was different but a nice aspect. I will be playing more in the near future and most likely be making more videos as well.
I'm glad my video helped you with future updates as well.

All the best of luck and good fortune to you in the future with this game and others.

This was really nice, sucks that it's a demo but I enjoyed it. 10/10

This visual novel is really good so far and very professional in the dialogue and design. 10/10

This was really good, I'm sad it was so short but it's an excellent start.

You're welcome :) <3

This was really cool, absolute perfection. It got crazier the longer I played but it was fun to watch Caroline stressed out.

This was really nice, i got all the endings. 10/10

This was really cool, I can't wait for the future updates for this game.

You're welcome  :)

You're welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed the video.  :)

I'm glad you liked it. I'll have to get my friend to play it so I can see how it ends :)

This is a really nice visual novel and it's very well done. 10/10

This was really cool and scared me more than expected. Good work.

This was a really nice adaption of the this short story. 10/10

Yes, I'm following the developer so I can hopefully finish my playthrough and the video be longer. I'm glad you liked it though.

I like this visual novel so far.  The ambience and character development so far feels organic. I can't wait to see how the meetup of the main characters play out.

You're welcome, I'm glad you like the video

Oh, I see now and you're welcome. :)

Nice short visual novel game 10/10

You're fine, I'm worst when it pertains to responds. Also, you're welcome.

Very nice/cool story, I got one of the endings. I’ll keep playing to find the other. 

Very nice, i was able to help some people but not all.

This was a cool and funny visual novel. Good work.

This was really fun, I’ll have to try again for a better outcome but still cool.

You're welcome, I'm glad your happy with what you have so far. Best of luck in future developments.

very nice for a snippet. I was sad it ended so soon. 

You're welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it.