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Hi guys,

changed the arms:

Hi guys,

just a little thought, I will change the arms in the CG, they look unnatural coming in from the side like that.

Hi guys,
The CGs for the Happy End are finished.
The last thing to do is to write the text and put it together in a working game.

I think I can reveal the full game on the 19.Dec.


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Hi guys,
finished the last two characters of my new game:



Hi guys,
The CGs for the Bad Ending are finished, I have to say it is rather gross and dark ... not the drawings (they good) but the ending itself ...
but I can't share too much, I don't want to spoiler you.

So far everything goes as planned.

Till next weekend.


Hi guys,
episode 12 coming along smoothly, so that I can upload the new episode on Saturday. All CGs are finished, only writing needs to be done.

Since I had a little time on my hand, I draw the hero of my new game.

I will tell you more about it next weekend.
But don't worry I finishing Midnight Boys first.


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Hi guys,

the next episode will only contain CGs and backgrounds.

One CG is completely finished, the other CGs are already finished with the lineart:

My first attempt with the pen :)

Love it already, this took me like 7 minutes or so, with the mouse I would be still sitting there drawing.

I'm so happy right now I had to share.



Hi guys,
you wonder probably why nothing has been updated last weekend, no messages either.

Well, I was sick and I knew what would come in the mail yesterday.

So yes the days are over, where I have to paint with the mouse.
Painting with the mouse is painful, takes far too long and does not give you satisfaction like painting with a brush or pencil does.

I finally managed to save up enough money for a graphic tablet, so I hope I'll get used to digital drawing with a pen fast.

I will keep you updated and start today with episode 11.

So wish me luck :)



Hi guys,
just to let you know the text, one CG and programming are done for episode 10.
Only two more CGs to draw and I can upload the next episode.

What took me so long was a kind of artistic blackout. I just could not think of a good way to create episode 10, I know the overall direction I wish to go with it ... but I could just not see it clearly, so to speak.

So hopefully to finish the episode will not take any longer than next weekend and will turn out good.



hi guys, 

my family confiscated my home with a visit, that is the reason why I could not work on episode 10. I hope this weekend will be different and I can upload the new episode and new beginning soon.



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Hi guys,

Just to let you know, the beginning of the game is changed. To fit the new game story. 

I will update the gamesite next weekend. 

If everything goes as planed, I will be able to draw the first CGs for Episode 10, so that I can hopfully finish episode 10 the weekend  after that. 

Lets See how thats works out :)

Thanks for your guys patience.



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Hi guys,
the drawings for episode 9 of James route are all finished.

On the weekend I only need to write the text and put it together in a working manner.

I think I will be able to upload episode 9 on Saturday.

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Hi guys,

episode 9 of James route is coming along fine.

Already finished 4 spirits and 1 CG.

At the moment I work on the last CG for today, you can see sections of it all below.

(which one is the unfinished CG, I wonder if the boys got a new haircut ;) )

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Hi guys,
I will be able to write the text tomorrow and put it all together. So that day 8 of James route will be released on Saturday.

I already slightly changed two CG's of day 7, because there were ugly :) Those who played the last upload will notice the change.

Everybody else, be glad you did not have to see the CG's like that ;)


just horrible.

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Hi guys,

if you a fan of Argent Games, Red Embrace: Hollywood, they have released it today. Being a fan myself and already downloading it via Steam,
I am not able to work today at my own game :(

I ... have ... to play it nOWWWWWWWWWWWW

Yeah, congratulations! I'am about to download it via Steam. Thanks, for making this amazing game. Steam is finish downloading so have to go and playyyyyyyyyy. Thanks and congratulations again.

Hi guys,
only one CG still unfinished, after that the drawings are completed.
So that I can start next weekend with the text and the finishing touch, before uploading it.

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Hi guys,
puhh took me extremely long (it is now 00:23 o'clock), to figure out the differents routes with the right points and the connected ending.

But I completed it now, everything is in working order.
So that I can begin to draw new spirits, CGs and backgrounds for episode 8 (day) of james route.

This episode will lead you to, depending on the choices you made:

- the first bad end (Bad End 1)

- the Sad End

- the first sex szene

James route so far (1-8 episodes to play):

a) spirits = 48
1. James = 13
2. Vincent = 10
3. Xander = 3
4. Chris = 4
5. Julius = 7
6. Richard = 5
7. Cat = 2
8. Liam = 1
9. Blake2.0 = 3

b) Backgrounds = 23

c) CG's = 39

d) Choices to make = 22

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Hi guys,
live has me back fully.

At of now, I can only work on 'Midnight Boys' on the weekends.

This means that the next episode, or day (what I called it so far), of James route will be finished on the 1 Sep.

I will update you of the progress, within these posts.

Tomorrow I beginn with the framework of programming, so that on the next day I can start to paint CGs, backgrounds and spirits. 

On the last day I write the Text and check out the episode by playing it over and over to find spelling mistakes or programming errors.

So usually it takes me 3-5 days, to finish one episode (day). Depending on the amount of choices, different routes, the amount of CG's, new spirits and backgrounds and the overall lengths of the episode.

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WAIT ....... Oh My god

a) spirits = 220
b) Backgrounds = 120
c) CG's = 200
d) Choices = 400

That means, the game will be probably finished 2022.

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Hi guys,
last CG finished. The translation of the text is the only thing still to do. And of curse playing it over and over again, to find errors in text and programming.
I will upload day 7 on Saturday.

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Hi guys,
the CG's took longer then expected, just one more and the translation of the text, then day 7 is finished. I think, that I will upload the data on Saturday.

Hi guys,
just to let you know, I'm working on day 7 of James route.
It is almost finished. I need to do four more  CG's and translate the whole text to english. Then it is good to go.

I think, I will have it done by the end of the week.
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Day four finished, Bad END 1 for James is the last thing to do for the makeover. :)

The spezial szene is finished.

Day four and the first bad end are next.

Day three is almost finished.

Only the spezial szene needs to be done next, consisting of CGs and which you can unlock with the right amount of character points.

Day two is finished.

Just to let you know, the makeover for James first day is finished, with a lot of new spirits for James and Julius.

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Hi guys,

for your Information:
The makeover for the Intro is finished, it has now new spirits.

Hi guys,
just a short info. I will be making new spirits tomorrow.

And that is the new look for everyone.

They did not changed dramatically, mostly the hair changed.

Take your time, we will wait as long as necessary!

Hello guys,

I have to make a 4 week long  break, before I can  continue to work  again on  Midnight  Boy s.

As soon as I am able to get back to work on the game,  I let you know.

Hi guys,
I found a way to turn my characters into 3D models, now I just have to change them all.

Vincent is the only one already finished, since I was using his character to experiment with.

So I will use this weekend to do it. I will take my time with it, since I wish to do it as clean and detailed as posible. :)


Hi guys,
I'm back from vacation.

I had planned, to spend the next weekend to create day 5 of the James route.

But I changed my mind. I will use this weekend, to get to know the tools better, I use for creating this game. I hope to find a way, to work faster and efficenter, when creating a spirit, background or CG's.

In order not to  have to draw everything from scratch one, when making a spirit, CG and so on.
Maybe even find a way, to make a 3D model out of my characters.

Let see, what I can do. If it goes well, I will be able to finish the game much faster.

Just a little teaser, before I go :)

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Hi guys,

just to let you know, the first BAD END for James route is finished. It will probably take one or two more days of the James route (day 5 and 6), until your choices end up there.

But you know, it is better to be prepared, before it hit you in the a...

I just put the first Banner, I created for this game, here, don't know why:

Hi guys,

I am going on holiday for two weeks :)

YUHU first vacation in 17 years.
So, I'm not able to work on the game, till I get back.

I hope, I can finish the first BAD end for the James route, before I fligh away.

Before I go, I will tell you, if I was able to finish it. So you know, as soon as I am back, I will start working on day five of the James route.

Hi guys,
I'm finished with the makeover.
Took me longer than I thought.
I had to revise Vincent spirits completely and in almost all CG's.

Lets see how long the new look will stay this time.

That is the reason why I could not begin the Bad End 1 for James route.

So, what did I do the whole time?:

New background for James apartment. Well ok, I only made it sonny  ;)

And the night a little darker: 

old one:

Vincent got a makeover:


and many CG's I had to change, to add the new look of Vincent:


A few minor changes for James:


Few logic errors, I had to correct. Like the background, when they fighting. They would never would have fitted through the right or left doors.



And so on and so on :)

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Hi guys,

this weekend I don't work on the next day of the James route.

I plan to revise the CG's, spirits and background, where I don't like the look of it.
And since the first bad end of the James route is near, I will work on it too.