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Thank you! I didn't find a suitable sound for the bomb on the internet so I recorded it myself!

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I liked the game when it worked but often enough either enemies or I bugged in walls which made the 5th level incompletable for me sadly . Also sometimes it felt like the game didn't always acknowledge my  input. Maybe that could be solved if you make the movement trigger not only on the wart of the button press but for as long as the button is pressed? while moving the cube can't move anyway so it shouldn't change anything else other than a nicer feel when handling the cube. I did like the Level design and simplistic design tho!

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I feel like I am doing something wrong. I am in the first screen after the Beacon(Bacon) screen and it says i have to guide a like but no input seems to do anything. Neither mouse or WASD QE. Do I have to do something after the TTS is done?

Edit: A restart solved it

I have to hit all reflectors? That's probably the problem then!

I just played it and have the same problem: I don't see a continue button.