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Nice and original game, so fun this kind of games asymetrical VR vs PC

I'm not sure but I think it would be better to include a walk system step-by-step with touch controllers as in the game "Late for Work"

Also I hope that the game is still developing, new map can be very nice, or other modes

Thank you for your work

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I have a small suggestion it could be cool to add a Mod Retro/Classic Snake move, which changes the way to move his snake like in the first snake (by right angle).

And thanks again for your great work.

Thank you for answering so quickly, great for the window / full screen option,

To map my controllers I use Joytokey, but I already had some problem with some games, but for now everything works for Viper League,
I hope you find the solution in the future, otherwise this solution will do the trick.

Also when I add the player 7, the game stops completely I tried on 2 different pc.

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Super finally the desktop version thank you very much,
Is it possible to launch it in full screen and in a window in the future?
And as supersmo suggerer, 8 controllers are compatible?
Thank you for your excellent work with all these new modes, this game is very complete, it's the best snake like.


I'm also interested to a trailer video waiting for the release of the game if it's possible.

Great snake games, with many levels and 8 players it's really fun,

Do you think add a download version? (To play offline)

Great game, great job, I was looking a Snake Like Game up to 8 players since a while.

Do you think it would be possible to add in "Local Multiplayer" a chosen from 2 to 8 Players (two keyboard letters per Players) ?