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Any chance of a GUI asset pack for this style?

Oh thank god you're back. Can't find anyone else with quite this style.

I bought the bundle. . . yesterday. Dagnabbit. 

Excellent! Looking forward to seeing the rest!

They're all great, but that minotaur laser thing is AWESOME. Any chance of a bundle sale of the whole collection?

Oh. That kinda sucks, wouldn't have wasted my money on the bundle if I'd realized I wasn't really buying the assets.

Are you going to be updating the other battler packs the same way? I was just starting to try to recolor the Faith and Evil outfits for evil clerics, but if you're doing it for me I'll leave it for later.

Also, the recent Humble Bundle didn't give keys either, so it seems like I can't download the bundle again to get the update.

Looking good! Just got the bundle, looking forward to seeing what else you do!

Hi! Love the Tiny Tales style! Any plans on doing a set of Dragons for battlers and sprites?

There seems to be a couple of frames missing from the download. One idle frame and one attack frame, I think? There's only 21 in the download.

Thanks! But I only own the tile packs (except dungeon vol 2) from a humble bundle, none of the battlers or sprites, so I'll need the whole bundle anyway. :D

Thanks! Hoping to get the full bundle soon, already have the tiles and needs the sprites to go with them

Are these going to be added to the 2021 bundle?


Are the square slime sprites you used available anywhere?