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i love the creepy expression of Takuya, the suspense, the CGs, and the true ending thats not like other game's "true" ending. because life is not always ends with "rainbows". and some truths hurts. thank you for making this game. absolutely love it!

oh no wonder, im glad then. because i thought its my fault lol. looking forward  for the update!

thank you for making this cute and beautiful game, i really love the story and bgm so far. but im having a hard time to get other ending, i tried all options but i only get the ending where the mc's feelings is not reciprocated.

thank you for making such beautiful game. reminds me of my grandpa who loves chess. im glad i didnt lose him due to war or something like that.

Thank you for the beautiful game, i really liked how there are so many endings even though the story isn't long, not to mention the detail in the art and background. But i'm having a hard time to get the first picture for noelani in the gallery. I've tried every ending i can but i can't still get it.

First of all, thank you so much for making this game. You said your not satisfied/happy with Xanthe, Lien, and secret route but they're all amazing there's nothing lacking for me, the plot the twist the romance is *chefs kiss* and this is f r e e so ilysm for blessing my broke ass. Not to mention the sound effect, detail, and bgm. This is masterpiece, can't wait for your new game to come out. But may i ask what songs you use for bgm? I love it so much it really gets the mood. Sorry for the bother:')