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Thanks for the info! In any case, I already sorted it out with the FLGS!

I do tend to offer discounts now and then, but generally as part of wider site sales, or special promotions. Keep an eye on the DTRPG page for that sort of thing.

I'm afraid I don't really have the infraestructure or know-how to even begin thinking how to do something like this. I'm a single developer and unfortunately there's only so much I can handle. I assume you bought the book in Poland? That's the only place where the book is available at, aside from my own store. I can send them the PDF and see if they are able to distribute it themselves somehow with each sale.

I actually haven't thought of that, but the only thing that would actually fit the setting would be for you to end up with an out of control summoned creature. So you better get out of there once the spell's over!

Yes, it was intended, as you mention it represents your character just going through hexes at a faster rate, without really checking anything about them.

Of course! simply contact me at with a screenshot of your purchase and I'll send over the digital files!

You can do so either via DriveThruRPG, Amazon, or if you want the last copy of the limited deluxe edition I have for sale, Thanks for your interest!

No problem, just write me at!

Absolutely, please contact me at!

Thank you for your review, I'm glad you enjoy the game!

Absolutely! Just contact me at

Good luck, hope you have fun!

I tend to add a few now and then, just keep an eye open for it!

Glad you like it! And yeah, that's an excellent suggestion, thanks!

Haha, no problem!

It's here!

I added new copies just two weeks ago, so it's a bit too soon to add more, but if you write me at I'll be happy to send you one!

It looks like yeah, sorry. I'll add new ones soon enough, meanwhile you can get a taste of the game via the Basic edition, which is available on DTRPG!

I was about to add a few for the new year, so yeah! 

Good thing you posted here, I just saw your email in the spam folder! I'll answer now.

Absolutely! Just email me at your proof of purchase (a screenshot is enough) and I'll send it right away

Yes, it will come to DTRPG and possibly Amazon sometime in the near future!

Awesome! Do you have a mailing list or something?

This looks really cool! Any plans for physical copies? 

Absolutely! Just mail me at Thanks so much for your support!

Hope you like it!

Glad you like it! There are print on demand copies available at Amazon and DriveThruRPG.

The tables are there to generate everything you need, and combined with the procedures it works pretty well. There isn't any other way of creating a procedurally generated game focused on solo play. Also, it's not A5 format, it's larger (170x230 mm, whereas an A5 is 148x210 mm). The book is still choke-full of content (the wordcount is over 120K words, if I remember correctly, while your average indie RPG has less than 30K) and I don't think anyone can run out of things to do in many, many years. Regardless of all this, I don't think a game should be judged by the number of pages, but about the content provided and the quality of it. I think ATDW delivers in all fronts. 

No worries, contact me at and we'll sort it out. 

Hello! Write me at and I'll get you sorted!

Thank you! More to come! Next: Warlord Ascendant, a skirmish wargame expansion/standalone game

It was taken down months ago and reuploaded with the new "Broken Shores" name, so it's all good! You can find physical copies on DTRPG or Amazon. I'd love for someone to translate it to German, for sure!

Thank you!

I only give community copies of my core games, not their supplements. But feel free to message me to and I'll send a copy your way!

Happy to help, let me know if you have any more questions!

Ahh, sorry, now I understand! Those Ability modifiers are there just in case you need them for other stuff, you can safely ignore them and just use the HD as modifier. 

As a player you do indeed add the CON modifier to your HP total, but only once, not once per level like in 5e. I just realized that this is not explained in the book, so I'll fix it. Thank you so much for the feedback!

Hey! Sorry for my confusion, but I'm not sure what you mean when you say that all NPC/monsters have modifiers, if you check their attacks they don't show any modifiers. I'm probably missing something, so please clarify.
you are correct, a monster's CON modifier is not added to their total HP, you just roll it and that's it.

Thank you! I definitely took a bunch of old monastery maps and tried to be as close as possible to their layout, haha. And yeah, I took the Disciples of Bone & Shadow Alchemy rules, adapted them to a D20 system, and improved them. Glad you like it!

Not at all, but please do let me know where you upload them, I'd love to see them! If you're in the Blackoath Discord, you can upload them there, or I can do it for you. Thanks so much!

Good luck, survivor!