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I am also interesting in programming, but more with the making apps part of programming rather than the theory behind it.

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Happens with every blocky game, I swear. minecraft, mario maker, and now cell machine.
edit: I saw your other comment and someone called you sam hogan himself and now I have conflicted feelings

when there is a game where you can move things, there is a person to make a calculator in it.

Lonebot used simple effects!
It was super effective!

This game was an amazing and... trippy experience, to say the least.
the old crib, you and him in the room, just asking and answering questions.


When I got to the part where he says he isnt allowed to say the name of pangea, I hesitantly said it and the reactions of the interviewer sprite and me were the same. I thought he was being controlled, and... he kinda was.
When I saw trust reach 100%, I hastily asked to use the machine, my feelings were all over the place. And when I saw the being the old man was talking about, the atmosphere got even trippier and weirder.

Just imagine a being you can not comprehend, asking you what to erase from this world. I, after some thinking, I chose despair. When I saw my own mind swich on to this weird robotic mode, I freaked out a bit. But when I noticed that it was to remove my perception of despair, I calmed down.

This trippy experience was one hell of a ride, and I am glad I could play this game and experience the strange mood of this interactive fiction.

thank you for clarifying.

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is it intended that we can remove pre-placed objects in the level? I am stuck on how to get the 30 cycles in level 2 and I think that might be because I am trying to not remove any pre-placed parts even though I can.

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thanks for clarifying.
edit: how the f did I just send the same reply twice when clicking the send button once? anyway the deleted post is also "thanks for clarifying."

Are you supposed to skip 1-4? I literally have no Idea how to solve it
(dont spoil the answer to me please just tell me if it is possible or not

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I believe this has some great potential, and the ending with the conversation of "sorry I didnt have enough time to make more levels" was hilarious! A post jam version with more stages and commands (and maybe a place to see what you set them to) would be awesome. You did really well with the task of making the main character feel like an actual friend of yours, too! So much so that I couldnt even muster up the strength to say that I didnt like the game just to see Patrick's reaction.

I like the system where even though we are not telling lem to think, we can still make some "if command = not possible, skip command" type systems using the terrain. the last level really made me think :D

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a pretty fun idea that could be really fleshed out into some mindbending puzzles :D example: you could make a strict no-collision policy where the robots are not allowed to hit each other, requiring some thinking ahead since there is one action's worth of delay between recording a macro and that macro starting to happen automatically. you could add multiplication and subtraction modules along with the addition module to force the player to do some sophisticated math. the sky is the limit with this project and that just has to be commended.

Amazing game! takes a bit of time to figure out a setup with the ore placements. But once you figure it out, the enjoyment of the game is more than satisfactory.

Thank you for informing me about this

oh and another one: Map screen

Nice job! this is a great simulation. Some ideas for the future: 

1) decouplers

2) angular friction

3) zoom in - out

4) atmosphere

these tips might be too hard, but I think it would be AWESOME if you manage to do it!

And I did not watch his most popular vid at the time I am writing this reply

I did not know he posts his games on itch tho

WOW! I am your fan in youtube and you are on ITCH IO?! YES!

Me not hav controllr

me poor