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The non-ultimate versions

Wait times depend on what your opponent does in order to make waiting not OP. For parrying projectiles I would suggest doing things like empty hops and dashes to pass the time since they are way more consistent in actionability

For me the power scaling has the opposite problem. I can usually reach floor two just fine but some perma-stunlock bs immediately kills me there.

"You take him on a romantic ride on your Dead Horse."
Also somehow my bandit and a dead body got into a fist fight.

I have found out that the downloaded version has sound while the browser version doesn't, even though the tab's sound is opened on my firefox. browser issue?

I tried it, nope. Even when the sound is "on" it doesn't play.

Help, game suddenly doesn't have sound anymore for me

it just means no one else is queueing in the same server as you.

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Behold, the "Imp Stopper"!
Imp stopper!

The JMZ waits for an imp to be right behind the warrior, then the MOV snipes the imp with a DAT.

What do you think? It's a bit suboptimal since it dies WITH the imp, but oh well.

You know things just got real when the dev ports the game over from scratch to itch

My game hasn't been loading lately. What's the deal?

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Ayyy, that's a pretty cool project you have! It's really fun coming up with racetracks with this.
Some suggestions:
1. A wall obstacle. Literally just a wall that you can place with any orientation or length, to block the balls' path inbetween the grid.
The track nodes of bridges and regular paths being seperate, so that you can have a track and road going directly on top of one another.
Being able to spawn marbles / spawn checkpoints, starts and finishes on bridges, maybe via carrying over the layer button to the race mode.
Being able to "link" checkpoints to each other so those checkpoints all count as one big checkpoint. (useful for split paths and such)

Overall a fun thing to mess around / share tracks to friends with! 8/10 would recommend despite being unfinished

This is a really fun concept both in theory and practice, and it's a fun balance needing to micromanage the characters' health, actions and stress. Although I would like to say it's REALLY easy to accidentally make a character mad if you're not careful... especially when the heroes can give you some... strange prompts sometimes.
"Ah yes, hero, let's give me THREE healing prompts while MY WHOLE PARTY IS AT FULL HEALTH"

hol' up
This game has a DOWNLOADABLE?


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no exxageration, I've been trying to get gold on electrolysis for over a year.

also completely unrelated but can you please add zoom buttons or a fullscreen button I'm tired of scrolling the page every single time I want to zoom

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One problem I have with the mechs (and why I choose to just walk around as a meatbag) is simply the fact that it takes so long to activate a mech that you hacked and in late game when alert is at maximum, it can be difficult to have the spare time to activate a mech before it goes boom. to be honest it's much easier to just hack the mech so it doesn't shoot you and then leave to hack some more.

good idea, thanks

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what is inspect mode

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Well, for me it's the opposite. I can reliably kill the first few enemies and then on the second floor before I know it I'm quite literally fighting 15 worms and one of my full health characters died on the first enemy turn. Seriously though, the floors go from having to fight 5 ⭐ battles at most to having to fight like,,, 8 ⭐ battles on average.

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Yeah. And not only that but closing the game crashes it and opens a new window to solve a problem... when that "problem" isnt even a problem, its just you closing the game.

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Great concept and execution...
but the difficulty curve is a vertical line.
My suggestions: add 2 and 1 star battles, and show all cards that opponents use, not just their reaction cards. They are using real cards too, after all.
edit: starting the game with some block cards would be nice too.
edit 2: another idea! maybe limit the enemy count for battles, the most unfair battles for me seem to be the ones with a metric heck ton of enemies and the ones with multiple elites.
edit 3: Oh and 2 other things, please make us be able to walk over hearts without having to pick them up (for example in case we want to save it for later); and can some of the enemies please chill with the counters?

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   This is a pretty good roguelike with some nice design! I'd like to note that the lack of a wait button, although sometimes a bit annoying, makes the game a lot more strategic, which is nice.  This also gets complemented with the fact that you can interact with doors, pots or bookshelves as a wait button, effectively turning the wait button into a resource.
   The animations are surprisingly expressive for a pico-8 game. As soon as I see an entity or tile I understand what it is supposed to be, which really speaks to the quality of this game's art.
   The game reminds me a bit of a simpler version of "Pixel Dungeon", an open-source Roguelike Dungeon crawler. Stellar work!
   Now time for some things I don't like as much: I only figured out that I can break pots after it was my only option to move where I wanted to. It would be nice if the graphics somehow hinted at the pots being breakable, maybe a bright coloring or a glint every once in a while could help with that.
   Also it would be nice if there were descriptions for items when I open their context menu, because the lack thereof made me make dumb mistakes like not drinking a max hp up vial "because my health is full", and drinking holy soup at full health to see what it does.
   I've also read from the comment right before that the upgrades for weapons are actually effective downgrades, and it seems weird for luring an enemy into spikes to not give you XP.
   Overall, a very solid pico-8 project that could be better. 8/10

This is an amazing game that definitely deserves a promotion :D The combat is fun, especially when you get multi-hit moves that straight up delete even minibosses. Although I do have just one gripe with the game and that is that there arent any amazing wacky synergies, most synergies are pretty straightforward, just being combos that you can do quickly and get away with. that said, I rate this a solid 9/10.

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A stick game shouldnt be ABLE to look this good let alone on LOW graphics, but here we are. I've always been a fan of the roguelike "play, have fun, end run, repeat" process and this game adds a REALLY fun physics stick fight twist to the whole cycle. 9/10 a bit too hard for me but amazing

oh, thx. great game btw!

oh, thx. great game btw!

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Very interesting concept for the levels's solutions creating an ASCII art! the levels themselves are also fun, altho it does seem to me that some of them have multiple solutions.

you beat the game

ok so I managed to figure out that one of the map tiles in the game is a 4 digit hex editor and I inputted dead. and then a crash screen showed up but I think thats what happens when you beat the game, right?

Ohhh, I see. let me try if I can figure it out.

do I have to hack this game to beat it? I'm confused


When I got to the last room, there was no door. to see the hints I had to undo the things I'd done in the first 2 levels. the hints together read out D E A D. what does this mean? did I beat the game? did I lose?

This was very fun! but it felt kinda short. the last level especially was pretty creative.

Well, this is a Roguelite. Roguelikes and Roguelites are well known for resetting all (or in Roguelites' case *almost* all) progress on death, and it is supposed to be that each time you die, you basically play the game from the beginning. This mostly depends on opinion tbh.

I have only 8 gigs and works fine for me with weak pc mode. maybe its about the cpu or gpu more than the ram size?

if the goose doesn't prevent you from doing that then thank u for informing me that there IS a failsafe

This seems like the type of virus that isn't evil, just... annoying.

I love it before even using it.

altho even tho I did not download this (to protect my sanity and be extra-sure of my pc's overall protection) it seems to me that a failsafe input would be nice. something that could instantly remove the goose, until you decide to annoy yourself again