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okay, thank you! (^.^)

is this game compatible with MacOS? Because I can't seem to open it

yeah that's what I meant sorry

So quick question, is there a good ending with this update or not yet? Just asking to save hours of searching thinking I missed something? Also sorry if I'm spoiling in this question.

I love this game so much. However when it comes to learning the tips at the end, I still find myself at a loss for solving them. I feel like I'm overthinking the hints. I'm wondering if there's a specific choice to make or a specific sequence of choices?

yes im not alone! :D


A thought just came into my head. I know Im thinking waaaaaayyy into the future from now but it just occurred to me, once both Sho and Yuu graduate, they both have different plans afterwards possibly causing them to split up into different parts of the world. What would happen to their relationship? :o

yeah but i hear its not in the next update tho

What I think would be adorable is if that specific moment its a CG.

No prob

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the updates are once a month. Each update is for one character it seems. So the next update for Shoichi seems to be in May Im assuming since the latest update this month was for Shoichi