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Had a blast. Fun game with a clean UI. So nice to run on android! Keep it up!!!

Good stuff. Keep up the awesome work!

Really enjoyed the demo! I want to try this game in my classroom with my students! I love the artstyle and weapons. animations are enjoyable and hilarious especially slow mo dismemberments. Controls felt responsive and intuitive. Button mapping would be a great feature as pressing forward to lean back was not coming naturally. 

Visually stunning and charming!

Really responsive and intuitive controls. Level design is thoughtful and clear. Mechanics work very well together as well!

Was pleasantly suprised by the types of puzzles presented in the last 2 levels. Really see the potential and your creativity. Nice job!

Awesome little demo! I was able to chain some big combos together! Nice and chill.

Tight controls and very easy to maneuver. 

Really liked the color palette and theme. Gameplay and controls were a little obtuse but cool concept.

Really fun ideas and surprising!

Awesome soundtrack! Great visual style! Very fun, tight controls with well thought out and crafted levels. Good stuff! 

Movement feels good. Level design needs more diversity with the portal usage, but mechanically it works well!

Lot's of cool ideas and visuals.

Lot's of cool ideas and visuals.

Really liked the glow on everything. made the game pop on the dark background, and the object's movement feel more fluid. Glad you made sure to use good sounds! on games where you are going to be playing trial and error and hearing the music for a long time, cool drum beats with lots of hats and with chill bass can be fun to groove with. controls were also tight and responsive. Awesome game!

Just played it again. I also really like the way each screen is framed. the wide view combined with good sense of depth is enjoyable to see.

Really trippy puzzler, but once I started catching on, I was able to navigate more meaningfully. I like the audio switch idea, but I think a exactly what or why its changing is a bit unclear.  The bass was mixed very loudly on the switch.

gameplay wise it was very engaging and soothing. I liked it!

Visually impressive!

I was shocked when I started as the boss. Great idea I could see fleshing out into a fun twist on a classic!

Good ideas here. not sure if its intended, but I can stall out on a wall and cheat when falling. Nice level design!

Very barebones, but solid level design!

Very barebones, but solid level design!

Nice and simple but effective. once I got the hang of switching the gravity frequently, it got intense!

Very interesting game. The flip mechanic was cool and a good use of theme! Characters, enemies, and setting feel cohesive.

Appreciate it!

Great  great great cohesiveness between visual movements and control. Feels good to move and very responsive. Awesome primary weapon, and the boss rush style was bold!

Cool game! love the handstand walking animation

Wow I really liked that! The difficulty curve for a short game was perfect. Exactly when I figured out how it worked, the difficulty went up just right. Cool design and nice visuals!

No problem. That initial idea actually was the first one then the rest of the game formed around it.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree with a lot of points, and with more time we could iron them out! When he gets hit he gets flipped upside down and you lose control while he spins out on his back.

that's my favorite room too. Thank you again for the jam!

WIP First Game!