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Interesting little game, it kind of plays with submechanophobia, and it does give it a scary vibe.

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This is a very cool-looking game, I've seen videos of it, I just realized, there's a demo up here.
All the sounds / music / gameplay looks professiona, I also love the cryptocurrency thing.

Also, to name a graphics level potato is just... like... wow.

Also, the graphics are amazing, looks exactly like old, 90's, early 2000 games (fallout, tiberian sun), but here it's all 3d.

Is this a fully one-developer team, so development / graphics / music are all one person?

Interesting concept, very disorienting and claustrophobic, I was never sure, if the player can get out of the situation.

Overall, very well-made game!

Very well made game, not just because I like Art deco, but there is a healthy amount of interaction in the rooms, It is always strange, how horror and relaxing gameplay get so well on together.
Also, is there something after the moon? :)

Hi, that sounds like  a good idea. I'm planning a sequel with a museum with much better design, I might add some in there. Thanks for the feedback!

I also think - at least in the beginning - there should be a bit lower rate of obstacle production, overall this could be a very good game - possibly something worthy of a mobile version or something, but once again, it is pretty "scary" in the beginning, especially if you're not yet used to the jumping.

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Thank you for the feedback, I'm happy you liked this game,  I'll try to do something with this idea in the future.

I love the stylised graphics, will it be a  rhythm game, or will it just have "random" obstacles?

Nice game, very original concept!

I love the concept of building the level around the player, the graphics and the sounds also go very well together, nice job!

The music is very cool, and I like that it ends completely after game over.Also the sounds and graphics are quite well done, and you really have to strategise with the ammo and reloading.

Short and very effective! Also, the graphics are nice, and the game plays well with lights too.

Minimalism at its best - it is actually somehow engaging.
The sounds/music are very nice, goes to the well with the chill gameplay.

Thanks for the feedback,well, the goal of the game is to stay alive until the end of the shift (counter in the top-right corner), but you're right, maybe there should be some more explanation.
Also, when you push the "missing" buttons at the original place of the exhibits, you can freeze them back.

This is quite a nice TD, the graphics/sounds/music/design are all perfect for this type of game, also the models are quite detailed, it doesn't look ugly even when one zooms in.
Four towers is kind of the standard in other TDs, so I won't say it's not enough although, well, I could have imagined more variety.
Overall an absolutely nice game, I know, it's an old project, but I would like to see more.

A pretty scary game, I love the atmosphere, this constant raining outside gives the game a certain character.
The retro-style graphics are also nice, and the sounds are also perfect.
I also love the idea, that the player can do something against the dangers, a lot of horror games these days just don't give you that option.

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I  love the abstract atmospherics, it's kind of artistic (also, the "The only thing to click" button is just... it's just... wow. :) ).
Typical example of a game, that is challenging enough, to make you loose easily, but makes you think you can go better next time.
Also, the music goes pretty well with the gameplay.

The "holding map in hand and try getting somewhere" idea is quite interesting, and using the lighter gas meter as a kind of "health bar" is also original.
One question: I've tried to use the lighter, and sometimes it doesn't immediately switch the light on. Is this intentional?

Very interesting concept, I loved the low-res graphics, to be honest, in the beginning, I wasn't sure what to do, but that made it interesting.
Also, the glowing things in the distance were quite effective, I always found something, I wanted to take a closer look at, and the town is surprisingly well designed, there are bunch of different stuff, I especially liked the house on the mountain.
Overall, great horror game!

Short, but well made game, I would even call the ending "artistic" :), the sounds  work very well too, and the environment is very natural, like a real home.
Overall a very nice game.

I love the concept, it is quite challenging, but has that "one more try" feeling.
Also, I'm a bit envious about how high FPS was while I was playing it.

The graphics - especially the models look quite detailed as well, overall great game.

One of the best examples of mixed 2d-3d, it has sprites, 3d objects, and "3d-pixel" objects.
Also, the music is very nice, I'm also developing synthwave-neon-style games, so I also appreciate the environment.

The concept is simple but esciting, and the graphics/sounds are also good. It gets quite scary though, and can be quite hard (sometimes closing eyes don't seem to help).
Overall a very well made game.

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I followed this game on IndieDB, it has extremely pretty stylised graphics, and the gameplay is also interesting.
A browser version would be nice, so more people could try it.

The controls are interesting, but somehow fit the game quite well.
I also like the color composition, very calming, and works well with the music, overall a nice game!

This looks amazing, even in the browser.
I also like the music, it's quite chill.
I'm a fan of this synthwave style and it is well represented here.

A quite challenging gameplay-type for arcade-style games is when the player does loose often, but is quite sure, will do better in the next try - and this is the case here.
I also love the music, it doesn't get annoying even though it repeats, and the graphics also give this a 80s-early 90s feeling, overall a nice retro-style game.

Nice game, the music and the graphics work quite well together, and is definitely synthwave. The little comicbook-like parts are very well drawn, and the gameplay itself is also well thought through. The movement and the overall gameplay is very smooth, and easy to understand but hard to do it quite well.
The controls are pretty easy, but quite hard to figure out - at least for me it took a while.
I lost two life trying to control with the arrows and then the mouse, I guess there was a description somewhere, but couldn't find it. (it's WASD for the ones, who still didn't find out.) Also, for a game with this good 2d graphics, the browser version is very small, I guess it was made for cell phones, but still, it could be larger.
Overall a very well made game.

At first, I totally thought the projectile will go in 3d, towards the horizon, but yea, that's just the background. :)
Otherwise, I love the environment and the style, I remember these kind of games used to be very popular, and to this day, it's good to break some blocks once in a while.
I also like the sound effects, very retro, works well with the overall theme.
Also, the level design is quite original, at least very different from the usual "there is a wall of bricks" cliche.

Wow, very well made game, and not just because if there's a synthwave runner, I click, I'm a big fan of the aesthetics and the themes (that's why I'm also developing an endless synthwave shooter), I think this game is very promising, even though I got a little scared of the incredible number of obstacles in the beginning.
Maybe some warm-up rounds would help.
I also think the graphics go really well with the music, which is chill enough to render a good mood, but also goes well with the running and manouvering.
The hoverboard selection menu is pretty well made too (the music there is also well chosen.. ...written?), I guess, after achieving some more points one gets more to choose from right?

Really good game, I love the music and the graphics go really well with this synthwave style.

Wow, retro taken seriously. All the nature of the sounds and the graphics really give back that old-game feeling, while also being a very competently made game, I never met any bugs/issues.

This is a very good game, I'm a big fan of this kind of retro graphics.
It seems to be reminescent of cga.

I'm a fan of browser-point&click games, and this one has a very interesting style, good background sounds!

The style, the music, everything is great, and the game is quite challenging, yet one feels like, they can do better.

The music/graphics( especially the explosrions) /sounds/controls are quite good, and the gameplay is fine (simple, but there is variety with the powerups), I see it's in development, so I'm guessing a hiscore and other powerups are planned - I'm not bringing this up.

I haven't met any bugs, and the beginning "tutorial" is simple but effective. I hope it gets finished.

The game-in-a-game concept works well, it's a very good idea, and is very compenently made, also, it ran very fast in my browser, absolutely well-made game.

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This is a very simple but very well implemented idea, I like that it's kind of hard, but really makes you think you can do better in the next round, e.g.: I had such a perfect idea to store enough movies from all categories, and it failed so easily because customers rushed the counter. :)
Graphics and sounds are well made and trendy - I tried to do this minimalistic graphic style and it does take a lot of thinking to choose the colors and textures, and although there were not that many sounds and music, the ones that the games have really work well with the overall style.
Once again, a very well made project, but not an "idle game", it really needs some strategy.
Also, thanks for the browser version, way more comfortable. :D

Hello, I'm planning to add a button to go full screen, and when it'll be ready, I'll upload a desktop version as well.

An interesting idea, with professional implementation, this is a very interesting game.