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This is a very good game, I really like the graphics, and the story looks interesting, I also like the storytelling style of it, reminds me of older "art games".

Is there an ending to this?
It is very atmospheric by the way, interesting game.

This is actually a very interesting concept, I think at times it was genuinely scary, and the whole game is just very "dreamlike".
This is a very good - although short - game!

It's quite a unique point&click game, sadly I don't really speak french, however I got through a few rooms.
Overall, a very interesting concept, and the graphics, sounds and music are absolutely amazing.

This game is very nostalgic, reminds me of the first polygon-based games, the art direction is really good, also appreciate the day-night cycle.

The retro aesthetics are incredibly authentic, the loading screen, the disappearing effect for the worms, everything looks so true to old timey machines.
Great work!

Awesome game, it has a very charming retro feel, and very well thought throuhg gameplay! I also like the title change, this fits it much better. 

One of these days i've checked on the project, and I had this problem in Chrome. In FF, it was fine.
The interesting part is, that today, it worked well, currently I'm planning on restarting the project, I hope to watch out for stuff like this.

The graphics are very retro, I love the dithering between colors!

Nice concept image/poster, when will there be a playable version?

Absolutely amazing, and really felt like a dream.
The effects are a bit too strong for my taste, especially the depth of field, however, I do understand, that it makes the game more dream-like.
I also loved the level design, really feels like you're disoriented, but still find the environment somehow familiar, like a good liminal space should be.
One note: I've played it in browser, and got an error messages right after finishing the game.

This game looks awesome. 

This was very atmospheric and scary. The story felt very Lovecraftian, and everything, from the graphics to the music was very high quality.

Very interesting concept, also the graphics are just very well-done.

Very cool concept, and really well made game

Amazing puzzle game!

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Dark, but truly original twist on security-cam horror. It also uses video-like effects well.

Awesome graphics, and very well-chosen sound effects.
I also loved the music and the overall atmosphere, it's that typical oldschool science fiction style, and the game had some interesting puzzles.

Flashlight changes batteries automatically, and you can find batteries scattered all over the museum. If you find coins, you can also buy some at the wending machine.

The motion blur might be a bit too high, I'll try lowering it, and in the upcoming versions I'll create an options menu, where this can completely be switched off. (I've experienced this too, when the game became a bit slower).
Thanks for the feedback!

A truly scary experience, and the game mechanics are pretty well thought through too, the controls of the bicycle are just hard enough, that the player concentrates on it so when...
Ok, I'm not gonna spoil it, but once again, a very scary game!

Hello, I think you're right, I wanted to add a lot of new monsters, but didn't add much help, I hope to fix that in the new version:

Thank you for the feedback!

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Cool graphics, music and sounds, the gameplay is very interesting too, however, it is a bit sudden, when the player resurrects, maybe pushing a button, or some darkness before start could make it a bit more obvious about what has happened.
But overall, well-made game!

Thank you very much, I'm planning to add more clips to the tv, and make it in a way, that during the night, more and more details come clear about the situation the player is placed in.

Cool walthrough, thank you! I really wanted to make a cool cover image for the game, but your youtuble cover image is way better.
I'll hope to get a bit more variety in the final game.
Once again, thanks!

Hello, I haven't met this bug, but I do encounter weird, green coloured things in the game, so there's definitely some kind of error on my side.
I'll try to correct this as soon as I can, thank you for the feedback.

I'm gonna be honest, when we could only control one portal - it was somehow harder, then when you could control both. Also, I had a very short confusion about how I can control the player, when I realised, that I can't, I'll have to solve everything with the portals.
Other than that, I think most of the puzzles were quite good, not too hard, but you have to think / experiment a bit.

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Very atmospheric. The graphics are quite good, and the sounds/music also worked for me.

Nice short game, it has minimalistic graphics, but it goes well with this H. P. Lovecraft short story.
Cool game, my only problem is, that the text was a bit dark, I think a bit lighter green might be better readable.

Didn't think this game is this good based on the first few minutes, but it plays very well with the players expectations, it is a very cool twist on the FPS genre.

Nice game, the graphics are stylish. Somehow reminds me a bit of The Stanley Paradox, because of the music + office environment.
Also, like the humor in the game.

Interesting, the camera effects make it very creepy, and atmospheric, but the player could have walked at least a bit faster, this can be disturbing, when you went in the wrong direction for a long time.

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This is an interesting spin on portal games, also the graphics are cool, although retro.
Overall, good game.

Definitely something different, this art style and music works quite well at establishing the mood, I found this interesting, even though I'm not a fan of these kind of games. Overall, a very well-made game.

Very interesting point&click game, the graphics are cool, and the puzzles are just in the middle, not too hard, not too simpl.

This is a pretty scary game, also the graphics are very good, both the 2d and 3d.

Surprisingly atmospheric, the sounds and the simple graphics really give the game a character. I know it's not ready, but the text on the bottom of the screen is not always visible.

But still, nice job!

Interesting little game, it kind of plays with submechanophobia, and it does give it a scary vibe.