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awesome! just saw it. i really enjoyed watchin u guys play my game, thanks!!

thanks! i appreciate it, yeah i ran out of time before i could sort out the audio lol. i wanted a fart sound when the poop hit but didnt get it going lol

aww thanks!!! much appreciated! 

thanks! it ran slow on my phone, but okay on my tablet. idk whats up with that. thanks for playing! keep an eye out! i got a couple mor gameboy style games dropping soon!

thanks! glad u dug it. I have two more games in the works with the same style

oh id love to! do you need it sent somewhere specific? or is this below ok? (sorry, new to gamedev & itch,  having a rough time navigating all this stuff lol)

Thanks! idk y, sometimes the zombie game is super easy, sometimes its super hard lol. thanks for playing!