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I loved that update, seeing Sho close to Aron is so sweet, but I have a feeling that 21 day is a bit incomplete. I mean it starts so wierdly. But still it's fantastic to see Sho's route update <3

I loved that story <3 I've played Sho route for now and it was great. I hope you will update this game soon :D Great job <3

I love that game <3 But will you make part two or something like that besides dlc? I would love to see more of Lin Hu <3

I like it ;) Waiting for more <3

I like it ;) Waiting for more <3

This is more than the best game.... I love it!!! Can't wait to see more of Spencer's or Darius' storyline <3 

I love this game <3 Can't wait to see more of Gill <3

I love this game <3 Will you continue this story later? I would love seeing more of Kol and Yoshi <3