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I dunno if it will change anything but try uninstalling game, then download the update and then install it or clear your data folder with old WSSAP. Maybe this will work for you.

I had same problem, just uninstall game and install newest version. It worked for me.

Will there ever be a Russell route ? Or it's gonna be only this three guys?

So far so good :P Russel is the most intriguing one for me :D Can't wait to see more ^_^ 

All I can say is it's masterpiece. Dudeee you made this so good <3 I'm playing Sissel route and can't wait to see how other rout's look like <3

Oh my, oh my !! I wasn't expecting this but wow, I'm impressed. You done really good job there. Can't wait to see more of Shoichi's route <3

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... I cried ;-; ... I loved that game... but.... Tylos ending... just broke my heart </3 ... can't wait to see more of you're work coz it's damn soooo gooood but Tylos' ending's just not right to me .... thanks for that game <3 I played 1.3 for now 

I loved that update, seeing Sho close to Aron is so sweet, but I have a feeling that 21 day is a bit incomplete. I mean it starts so wierdly. But still it's fantastic to see Sho's route update <3

I loved that story <3 I've played Sho route for now and it was great. I hope you will update this game soon :D Great job <3

I love that game <3 But will you make part two or something like that besides dlc? I would love to see more of Lin Hu <3

I like it ;) Waiting for more <3

I like it ;) Waiting for more <3

This is more than the best game.... I love it!!! Can't wait to see more of Spencer's or Darius' storyline <3 

I love this game <3 Can't wait to see more of Gill <3

I love this game <3 Will you continue this story later? I would love seeing more of Kol and Yoshi <3